Friday, 16 April 2010

Shall I say 'Cheese'?


I've got this contraption, a backdrop thingy that I use when I take photo's of my cards. I knew it had been visited, by the amount of fur left behind but today I caught the minx in the act!

Perhaps she thinks I give crafting more attention than her or maybe she just wants her picture taken ?

I've got an enforced day off today as Gatwick is closed for the second day running so no aircraft to despatch. We are having to use our holiday which has not gone down well but going to use the time off to get some stuff done.

Fiona x


  1. Ha Ha nice one Pru, make the most of your day Fiona it will be back to the madhouse soonest.

  2. Guilty as charged me thinks! She looks absolutely adorable and very comfy as well!
    Soz to hear you've had to use your holiday when you've been forced to take the day off work! Hope you enjoy it anyway,
    Love Sarita xx

  3. Arrh, she looks very comfortable there! That's a bit rough having to use holiday but at least the sun is shining so you can get out and about.

  4. LOOOL, I remember Poppy doing exactly the same ;;; soo cute

  5. Aww, she's so sweet, looks like she's up to mischief, hee hee! :) Love, Georgia xx


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