Sunday, 27 June 2010

Finished At Last!

I was asked to make these by my cousin Zoe, who is getting married at the end of July. I started them several weeks ago, cutting and folding the card, punching out and shaping the flowers and then I ran out of enthusiasm. However, it was bothering me that they still weren't finished, so today I set up all my craft stuff in the garden under the sun umbrella and finished them off, all 80 of them.

I had nothing to put them in until I found this unused cutlery tray that will do the job until the big day.

Below is Zoe on her Hen Night last weekend
, which took place at an open air concert at Wakehurst Place (National Trust Garden) just down the road from here. We saw Fabbagirls and The Bootleg Beatles and a superb night was had by all.

We had a seventies dress code, incase you were wondering! The purple wig was well askew by the end of the night I can tell you!

On another subject altogether, I hear England played dismally today. I loathe football and didn't watch the match but it sounds as if this bloke down our allotments could have done better.

Happy Crafting and ttfn.
Fiona x


  1. Well done you.I made 100 wedding invitations for Liams wedding and know what a drag it is to make so many cards all the same. They look lovely!
    x Michelle

  2. Hi Fiona, Well done you for finishing all 80!!
    I did all my neices wedding stationary two years ago, so I know how hard it is to stay motivated....but they look lovely, so worth while when people say "Oh these are lovely".

  3. Wow! These look lovely Fiona and I'm sure you must be glad to have finished them.
    Glad to hear a good time was had at the Hen Night.
    It was really lovely to meet you at the Craft Barn and I haven't yet had time to play with my goodies properly although I'm just doing the RSS challenge with something I bought.
    Great to see you crafting again.

  4. These are beautiful, love the green. I am sure she will love them!

  5. These are gorgeous Fiona, very elegant. 80 is a lot to make though, I bet you'll still be making them in your sleep tonight!

  6. Wow Fiona, these are fabulous! I love the little flowers, and I can't believe you had to make eighty of them! Well done you! Hope you had a brilliant time at your cousin's hen night, it sounds great! :) Love, Georgia xx

  7. Looks good from here


  8. Hi Fiona
    I've finally managed to get back and post a comment.

    Zoe's place cards looked great so did her purple wig. Im know all the invites and cards have taken a while but you have made a lovely job of them.

    As for the bloke down the allotment he certainly couldn't have played any worse and would have been a lot cheaper.


  9. Wow these look great Fiona... you must have felt so proud to finish all 80!
    Sandra x

  10. ROFL at the England scarecrow!
    I bet your wedding cards took some perseverence but they look amazing!
    And your seventies night would have been right up my street!
    Love Sarita xx

  11. Well done on all the place cards, my goodness it takes a lot of will power to create the same thing over and over but so worth it, they're gorgeous and I'm sure Zoe is thrilled to bits with them. Looks like the hen night was a lot of fun, love the 70s dress code (my era :D). I'm sure Mr. Scarecrow would have scored several goals and for a lot less money LOL! Chris xxx


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