Friday, 10 June 2011

In Loving Memory of Mum

There’s a very sad reason why I haven’t been around for a while. Just over a year ago my mum was diagnosed with terminal Renal Cell Carcinoma and last month we lost her. It was a horrible end to her life but she was so brave, stoic and dignified throughout her illness, so strong that she even planned her funeral, the hymn’s, readings and music. 
That was my mum, organised!
I will miss her dreadfully.  I miss our chats, her humour and her sharp tongue (when my dad has done something she wouldn’t have been happy about!)  I shall miss her marvellous cooking, her gardening tips, her kindness, wisdom, advice and much, much more.  I know I was very fortunate to have had her, she was a wonderful mum.
She took an interest in my blog and gave me feedback on my cards, (mostly positive!) and of course this is yet another thing that I shall miss.  However, I do know that she wanted us all to get back on with our lives, so I intend to return to my craft room shortly.

Until then,
Fiona x
         Mum at her 70th Birthday Party - June 2009


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your mother, it appears that your memories will keep your heart happy. I look forward to seeing your cards that the therapy of stamping will provide.

  2. Fiona, I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like she was an exceptional mum.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you
    isa xx

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I'm so, so sorry to hear about your loss, that's such sad news and I'm thinking of you at this difficult time.
    Georgia xx

  4. So sorry for your loss. It might not seem like it at the moment, but it does get easier. It's ten years since I lost my Mum to cancer, and almost a year since I lost my best friend too. My only advice is to talk about your memories and cry lots. Big hugs x

  5. I'm so very sorry Fiona to hear of your loss, I'm so glad you have so many happy memories of your mum.
    Am thinking of you,
    Love Sarita xx

  6. I know I've already said it but I'm so sorry about your Mum Fiona and this is such a lovely piece you've written here.
    Hopefully in time the sorrow will fade gently into happy memories as it has done with my own dear Mum.
    Sending hugs, Fliss xx

  7. Sorry about your loss Fiona. May the Lord grant you the strength to move on & may her soul RIP. Thanks for your visit to my blog & the lovely comment.

  8. Hi Fiona
    When I saw your comment on my blog, I thought I hadn't seen your photo there for a while, now I know why. Sorry to hear you've had such a sad time. Here's wishing you peaceful moments and gentle thoughts
    Much Love
    X Michelle

  9. My deepest symapthy to you Fiona
    What a wonderful lady she was, special memories for you to keep in your heart forever

    i hadn't seen this until today, apologies

    mandi x

  10. I've only just read this post and words cannot express the sadness you feel at the loss of your mum. I lost my own dear mum to cancer nine years ago and still miss our chats and mutual crafting sessions together. Nothing anyone can say can take the pain away but it WILL get easier to bear.

    My thoughts are with you and your family


  11. So sorry for you loss xx

  12. Hi Fiona. I too have only just seen this post and would like to offer sympathy. Nothing ever prepares you for losing someone with whom you have such a bond. It sound as if you have some wonderful memories to treasure. Vicky x

  13. Fiona I had the pleasure of knowing your dear Mum and I know what a very special lady she was. You know I am only a shout away.



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