Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Girly Chat and Chazza Shop Finds

Today I caught up with two friends that I used to work with, Jacko and Samyo.
(nearly everyone who worked in the Gatwick Handling Traffic Dept had their name suffixed with an O, there was Sharo, Karo, Rocko, Borro, you get the idea.) Jaki kindly hosted the lunch and served some delicious homemade Leek and Potato soup.

It was lovely to have a good old goss, (although scandal was sadly lacking) and a chat about all things crafty as Jacko scraps, makes cards, sews and bakes and
Sam bakes divine cupcakes.

She won't thank me for this one!

Samya rifling through Jacko's cards

Charity shops also came up in conversation today and here is my latest bargain find.

I'd been looking for a jewellery organiser for a while as all my costume stuff was in an almighty tangle in a drawer. Just as I was leaving the Heart Foundation shop I spied it on the top shelf.

It was brand new and still had the label on it.....

and priced at a bargacious £1.99. When I got home I looked on the interweb and found Argos are selling them for £20!!! Two self adhesive hooks secured it to the back of my wardrobe door, et voila!
I was very smug at finding such a bargain I can tell you. Have you found any bargains lately? Do tell.

Fiona x

P.S. Excuse paint splattered hand in final photo, I'm still decorating.


  1. I totally love the stand Fi, Just fab. Don't you just love it when you find things like that?

  2. Love your bargain, I too am an avid bargain hunter, although I do have to rein myself in from just buying stuff because its cheap! Its so exciting when you spot something that is perfect though!

  3. The soup looks lovely, the chef however looks a little rough!


  4. Bargains, pals, chat and homemade soup - can't go wrong with that combibation in my book!
    Love your jewellery holder (I so need to organise mine...)
    Bargains? I have had lots of charity shop luck lately, will be blogging about my finds. My favourite is a black faux fur coat (yes, another one) for £5 from Oxfam. xxxxxx

  5. Mmmmmmmm leek and potato is my fave and this one looks very classy with the herbs etc., compliments to the chef and the photographer, love the arty shot! Always good to catch up with friends, looks like you had a gorgeous day and a great bargain too.

    I haven't had any bargain finds lately but the eldest has just bought himself a brilliant retro style metal trunk to use as a coffee table and I want it :D, £55 in a Kingston chazza. I think they must have a better class of throw outs up there.

    You made me laugh about your bird card and the effing and blinding sesh and it's a wonderful card, I would never have known the story.

    Fantastic that you're getting decorating done with your time too, hard slog but so satisfying when you've finished.

    Right, catch up soon. xxx

  6. Does that mean you'd be Fiono then?! Sounds like you had a lovely day with your friends. And what a gorgeous bargain for displaying your costume jewellery! I'm usually a keen bargain hunter but haven't had any finds lately... I need a good day out! Thanks for following my blog and have a great weekend, Vicky x

  7. Leek & potato soup is delicious. What excellent finds you have: £1.99, I recently just acquired a few new baubles from a pimlico charity shop to add to my creative craft sessions. Happy weekend.


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