Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Breakfast and Bargains

I've missed a few days on February photo-a-day and this one is a day late - Day 27 Something You Ate.

After I'd demolished my porridge I went for a rummage around the charity shops, where I found a couple of bargains. Check back soon to see what they were.

Fiona x


  1. Unfortunatly Fiona I am not a porridge lover....wish I was, it always looks so nice, but I am not keen. HOWEVER i looked at your last post (don't know why I missed it!!) and I am a lover of Ian Drury and the Blockheads. Back in 1976 I visted my mum's sister in London and he was on in a club there, nad even though my Auntie tried her best there was no way I was being allowed in by the staff and so I never saw him. (Did see the UK Subs and The Glitter Band tho', went back to the house of Gerry Shepherd (glitter band's lead guitar) Oh the memories, can you believe I was 16!!
    Oh I digress, sorry.
    Love your card with the fab bunting on. Debbiexx
    p.s. Sorry for going on so.

  2. I do love a bowl of porridge, keeps you full for ages. Can't wait to see your chazza finds. I've been very busy in the garden today so I'm treating myself to a morning's charity shopping tomorrow, wish me luck! x


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