Monday, 20 February 2012


.........is the subject for today's snap in February photo-a-day. I happened to have a shopping list on the go so this became my subject.

In case you're thinking it's not very healthy, this is my Sainsbury's list, and I buy my fruit and veg at Lidl/Aldi as it's much cheaper. (The yellow splatters are from the takeaway Thai Yellow Curry that I enjoyed on Friday night!)

Again, sorry for the rubbish photo but I still can't get my bloody DSLR battery charger to work, it seems to charge intermittently only so I'm taking it back to the shop this week.

a bientot,
Fiona x


  1. Well done you for keeping up with the photo-a-day challenge. Will be checking out aldi/lidl for fruit and veg. :)x

  2. This is just brilliant and is making me want to document a month in photos and even scrapbook them - blimey there's a thought! Vicky x

  3. A true little snapshot of your life there, Fiona, curry splashes and all! xxx


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