Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To Sell Or Not To Sell?

Day 7 of March Photo a Day and the subject is Something You Wore. Here is something I constantly wore for 11 years.

It's been sitting in my wardrobe for the last decade
and I have toyed with the idea of selling it on ebay. The one thing that puts me off tho' is the thought of some kinky bloke buying it. I have read the ads for airline uniforms and some of them are marketing to very unsavoury characters. The thought of a perv having a J.Arthur in my tartan is too yucky for words.

Maybe some cash would make it easier to stomach, what do you think?


  1. What a fab outfit! There's some real pervs out there but like you say, think of the money and don't think about who buys it. I bet you'd make loads of cash. Love the hat! x

  2. Noooo, don't sell it.
    It's part of aviation history.
    Seriously though, I would keep it unless we're talking about shed loads of money


  3. Hahaha, I've just laughed out loud at the J. Arthur remark! If you don't have a strong emotional attachment to it, and it's taking up valuable wardrobe space, I would definitely sell. Like Vix says, you won't know who buys it but you might get a nice sum of money to go chazzin' with!
    I bought a fabulous 1960s pink babydoll nightie and peignoir set from a charity shop and sold it for a good profit on Ebay to someone who didn't want me to leave feedback, so presumably it was a man. Fine by me, hope he enjoys it! The tranny/sissy market is probably a very lucrative one to tap in to on Ebay actually... Not to upset you or put you off, Fiona, haha! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Could have sworn I left a comment here earlier today... Am I dementing?
    Anyway - to repeat myself. If you haven't got a strong emotional attachment to the uniform, I would definitely sell rather than having it take up wardrobe space but never get worn. You can do some chazzin' with the proceeds! xxxx

  5. Oh Fiona you can't sell it, it could be worth much more in years to come.

    Love all the photo's you have been posting, haven't been able to comment on them all as blimmin Internet has been playing up for over a week now.

    Look forward to catching up over the weekend.


  6. Noooooo! Fiona don't sell it!! If its taking up space then recycle it - turn it into cushions or cover an album with it and then put photos of your airline adventures in it??? Even frame sections of the fabric and hang them on the wall??
    Its part of who you were for so long it would be such a shame to get rid of it?? There must be some great memories attached?
    Let us know what you do. Hugs, Sarah xxx

  7. Hi Fiona,

    Did you ever decide to sell? I work p/t for a small airline museum and we'd be pleased to buy this off you if you're interested? Mot museums expect people to 'donate' items, but we'd offer a fair price. Do you also have the tartan jacket as this will make a big difference to the price we're able to offer you.



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