Monday, 9 April 2012

Born To Be Wild

Younger You is today's theme in April Photo-A-Day and here I am looking bemused on an Aeriel Square Four (so I'm told) around 1965. The bike belonged to my auntie's boyfriend Freddie and I believe it had a sidecar.

Back then I was almost always dressed in hand me downs, usually from the older girl next door and all these years later I am back in second hand clothes
, but this time by choice not necessity. Here is a sight you won't see very often - me in a skirt!

Skirt £4.50 British Heart Foundation, Navy Cardi 50p Jumble Sale.
(Shirt Fatface sale, you don't expect me to pay their normal prices do you ?)

Haven't had much blogging time lately due to long working hours but hope to be back soonest. Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Haha, you look slightly fearsome on that bike! You are definitely giving somebody a very hard stare!
    I was a hand-me-down kid too (comes from having 2 older sisters) but like you, I've embraced Secondhand Chic now!
    You look great in a skirt, why on earth don't you wear them (or dresses? what about dresses?) very often? Love the boots.
    See? Told you posting photos of yourself can become addictive!! xxx

  2. And very nice you looked as well Fiona when you popped in.

  3. the b&w pic is so cute!!!


  4. Love these photos Fiona, both of you on the bike as a very small person and of you in a skirt looking rather glamorous! Vicky x


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