Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crochet, Hooray

Is it because I'm a woman of a certain age that I think crochet is becoming fashionable ? This crocheted top is from New Look so it must be 'on trend', right?.

I've been meaning to give crochet another go as I haven't done any for about.... oooh 35 years and I've recently been stockpiling wool from chazza's in preparation.

Here is my first granny square, I had to get instructions from the web as I'd completely forgotten how to double crochet etc but it soon came back.

I don't think it's too shabby for a first effort do you? My intention is to make a blanket for the spare bed, only another 500 to go then!

Over at Dad's the other day, I went in search of Mum's old knitting bag. (which was originally my nan's) I think I might be using it as a handbag, it's so lovely and... vintage!

I found lots of wool (it's called yarn now!), needles, hooks and patterns, this one was amongst them.

It is american (my parents lived there in the 80's) so I think Mum must have bought it at a thrift store. Not sure that a hat like that was ever a good look but hey, I'm sure someone liked it.

Unfortunately, my prowess with a hook does not stretch this far yet, (WTF is tatting?) but hoping that practice will make perfect. Are there any hookers reading this blog I wonder, if so any crochet tips will be gratefully received.

Must go and put on some slap now before heading to the pub for lunch and afterward visiting my cousin in her new home at Uckfield. Enjoy your afternoon.



  1. Still laughing at 'are there any hookers reading this blog'!!! You're too funny!

  2. Ha! Tatting is making lace. And yarn is the generic term for what you crochet or knit with - it can be wool... or acrylic or bamboo or cotton or silk or mohair or angora...

    And I agree that hat is not terribly flattering - but that would not stop me from wearing it!

    Yay for your first granny square in 35 years - from me, the Crochet Freak!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Oh Fi.
    Your post about Tatting brought back loads of memories for me, my Auntie Bella used to do it and it was so gorgeous. I was far too young to do it tho' and by the time I was old enough she had passed away and then I couldn't learn!
    However I have just made 48 of those squares (exactly the same as yours) and made a cot blanket for my Nieces baby due in May. I did Lemon colour and then I am sewing it to wadding to make it more substantial.
    Your square is fantastic, keep up the good work. I use the same wool to stitch them all together, then go right round the edge to add a border all the way round.

  4. I'm no hooker (no matter what you've heard...) so I can't help at all! But I can appreciate a granny square (the first of MANY if you're doing a blanket), it looks perfect to me.
    Gorgeous Nana knitting bag - Helga sent me one very similar, I use mine as a handbag.
    And I'm sure tatting is very dainty, which is precisely why I would nevr be able to do it! My "Sandy" nightie has handmade lace, it's gorgeous, so beautifully made.
    Good luck with your projects, hope you had a lovely lunch! xxxxx

  5. O,that gorgeous knitting bag!!! Far to pretty to be kept in the dark,stuffed with knitting projects!
    My Mama used to tat when she was young.I LOVE the look of it,but would probably become a mass murderer trying to learn it...I adore crochet though;Sarah tried to teach me,but PATIENCE is a big issue for me!!! XXXXXXX

  6. I'm not a hooker - although it sounds great fun! - but I know that tatting was considered an unexceptionable activity for ladies in the 19th century. Love your mum's knitting bag but if you're after one of those hats, don't bother with crochet - just grab a basket and stuff that on your head! (Oh I do love your blog Fiona!) Vicky x

  7. You do make me giggle Fiona! Haven't a clue about tatting!
    That knitting bag is bang on trend. They'd charge a small fortune for that in one of those 'I saw you coming' vintage shops :)xx

  8. "Are there any hookers reading this blog?"
    LOL! I have a brilliant picture in my head of Julia Rberts in those boots sitting at her crafty table while she waits for some business...


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