Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Little More Chazzin'

I've been busy doing nothing in particular this week, the weather has been so hideous I stayed at home when I could.  I did venture out at the end of last week for a discount deli dinner at Wetherspoons with my friend Debbie and en route I just had to pop in to a few chazza shops.(as you do)  Alas, once again I was disappointed with their offerings but did manage to find a couple of small items.   First up is this cerise woollen beret (and a close up of me, how brave am I ??)  Note to self, get highlights done soonest.

 Beret 50p, St Catherine's Hospice shop

  Ordinarily I wouldn't be thinking 'woolly hats' in May but it's been so bloody cold and wet and much more importantly....it fitted!!  I have got a ridiculously small head (think child aged 12) and normally hats spin around on it, so I snapped this one up.  I hoped I'd look mysterious and aloof like Greta Garbo......
"I want to be alone"

but my friend thought my new titfer was more redolent of Frank Spencer!
" Betty, the cat's done a whoopsie!"

Not the look I was after at all!

My other purchase was this brooch which was also viewed with much distaste by my mate, but what do you think of it ?  

 Owl brooch 50p, St Catherine's Hospice shop   

My final find last week was a pair of sandals, which I'm not modelling as my lily white legs are too awful to be viewed just yet.

Leather sandals £3- Monica Cantwell charity shop

Also last week I found time to make this for my schoolfriend Sue, who'll be celebrating her 50th birthday in a couple of weeks time. (Yes, yes I know what you're thinking.)

I saw this idea in one of my local craft shops and thought it would make a change from the usual bog standard birthday cardso I hope she will like it.

Until next time then,
Byesie bye.




  1. What a great post by you today Fi.
    Love your finds, those sandals are fab, htey look brand new!
    You do not look like FS in that berret, you look lovely.
    Take care

  2. Hey,I loved the close up of your lovely face!I've just started wearing woolly berets,as it is turning very cold here,but transistion seasons still require a bit of warmth,esp in the mornings!
    The sandals look ideal for Summer...sigh....
    Yes,I did make the mosaic number,it was one of my first pieces...haven't done any mosaicing for a few years now.

    Sorry for shouting, but you are model-esque gorgeous, you must post more pics of yourself, Frank... errr, I mean Fiona! As if you are anything like Mr Spencer, for goodness sake!
    Love you in your beret, you glamour puss, and the sandals are fab (I'm on the hunt for some comfy tan sandals for summer - if we ever have one...)
    I would LOVE that heart for my birthday, so I'm sure Sue will too. 50 - pah! The new 35, I reckon! xxxxx

  4. How do you take those self portraits? I'm intrigued.

    Love the heart shaped door hanger. Fifty? Imagine that!!

  5. I love the photo of you looking cute in the beret - not Greta and not Frank but somewhere in the middle. Well actually quite a bit closer to Greta than Frank! Your chazza shopping is pretty spectacular I think - look at those fab sandals! Love the pretty heart for your friend. Fancy being fifty! (I'm so close to 50 I can feel its breath on my face!) Hope you're having a good week, Vicky x

  6. YOU'RE GOOOORGEOUS!!! Love that pretty beret - i have the opposite problem - an ENORMOUS HEAD (all the brains, probably) and hats rarely fit me. OH well, First World Problem!

    Sarah xxx

  7. You look like a 1960s film star in your beret, you are bloody gorgeous.
    Loving the birthday card, what a pretty print. Sue will be pleased! xxx

  8. I like the beret a lot, colour really suits you. I picked up a rather nice black and white striped top for me in a charity shop I don't often visit yesterday, and a pair of designer shoes to sell on, only £2.50.

  9. I love all your purchases! I wish I could wear shoes like that but I have hobbit like feet! You make a gorgeous model too! xxx

  10. Great finds, and you look great in the beret! I'm quite envious, hats just look ridiculous on me. Love the birthday card, great idea for a milestone birthday, I'll be expecting one just the same next year. :)xx

  11. Hey, Fiona, just popped back to let you know I've given you a Blogger Appreciation award, cos you deserve one! Hope you've had a good B/H weekend. xxx

  12. Hiya Fiona. Love all your 'buys' and you look stunning in your beret. Love the Owl too :o)
    Stunning plaque.... My big sis turns 50 this year... but then you already knew that.
    Sandra x


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