Sunday, 19 August 2012

Only Women Weed

I spent a few hours weeding my plot this afternoon, the heat was stifling but it had to be done.  After 48 hours of Gatwick summer madness this week the peace and tranquility of the allotments was good for the soul.

August photo-a-day  Inside

Alas these are not mine

It must have been too hot for other allotmenteers as I appeared to be the only one toiling, although I did engage in a brief conversation about the abundance of butterflies with a happy-snapping lady and we both agreed it was a very restful place to be.

not mine either

I'm covered in grime so I'm off to indulge myself with a well deserved soak in beautifully scented birthday gifted bath oil.

What did you do today ?


  1. Hi Fiona
    What a FAB post, superb pics!
    I made a few add on invitations this morning, then die cut shells and starfish ready for some beach theme ones I'm making tomorrow!
    This afternoon after lunch [salad] I did absolutely nuffink!
    Have a good evening x

  2. I thought for a moment you were going to tell us some embarrassing "and then I wet myself" story, Fiona! I should have known better, for you are much too ladylike for such misbehaviour!
    I LOVE your photos so much, they are stunning. The only thing missing is a pic of your good self, sweaty and grimy in your gardening gear!
    Bet Gatwick has been crazy busy - wish I was going somewhere exotic.... xxxxx

  3. Beautiful photos Fee

    What did I do this weekend?

    Made food cleared up made food cleared up made food cleared up

    You get the picture?


  4. A lovely assortment of smashing pics Fiona. sounds like you had a hard but good day.
    Sally x

  5. What gorgeous pictures, you are so talented with a great eye. After your epic shift I'm astounded you could do anything in the least bit creative.
    What did I do? Had two nights out, spent too much money on alcohol, ate curry & pizza, battled with grannies desperate for a bargain, chatted on Skype to a mate, made plans for our next festival. Nothing creative! x

  6. I LOVE these great pics! The garden is absolutely gorgeous - I'm green with envy! Sarah xxx


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