Monday, 20 August 2012


Is the theme for 20th August in the photo-a-day challenge.  So today I went into East Grinstead (nearest town) where I'd seen a newly opened second hand shop but hadn't yet had the chance to visit.  But when I got there, bugger, it was shut.  "How very dare they!"  Just when I was in a mood to have a rummage as well.

A quick squizz through the window revealed prices on the steep side as suspected, however I did see a rail marked 'under £10' so I may go back to investigate another time.

That hat you can see in the window was £45 !!!   I wonder how long it will be there ?
My recent chazza finds have not been tres exciting but here they are anyway.

 embroidered bag £1 (think it should have seen an iron before I blogged it)

sturdy vintage stapler (none of yer plastic rubbish) 75p
(my previous one knicked from NatWest bank in 1979 where I worked at the time, recently died)

I had another session at the allotment today and clumsily dropped the wheelbarrow (which is a Heath Robinson affair with a wheel fashioned from wood) on my foot.  As I was in flip-flops at the time the air was blue, but I was reminded of this. 

Some people may find it distasteful in this day and age but I must confess it never fails to make me smile.  What's your opinion ?

Today's post is my 200th!  Thank you all for reading and hope you're still here in another 200.



  1. What a beautiful looking shop, no wonder the proces are high! I saw a beautiful vase in a new 'junk' shop over here, went in and it was 60 quid! Needless to say it;s still in there!
    Fancy that stapler from 1979 breaking, that wasn't made very well lol
    I LOVED the chimps adverts, they were, pricess!

    Mandi x

  2. Well, I am not generally a fan of animals in clothes, but in this case I'll make an exception! The PG Tips chimps were legendary.
    That's a nice hat in the shop window, but I wouldn't pay £45 for it! Looks good for a browse and admiring pretty things but I doubt there will be many bargains, except in the sale...

    I've reported you to Nat West, and they say you owe them £1.25. Or they will inform the police.
    Lovely embroidery on the bag. Hope the foot's feeling OK.

    200 today? You're looking good on it, love! xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Fiona.
    I was going to mention the hat, it looks gorgeous but £45, Eh don't think so!
    It is worth going in and haveing a haggle tho'.
    Your finds are great, and the Monkey's did make me laugh too.
    I was once told that they loved doing that and the cup of tea one with the party, they were drinking juice and had a ball.

  4. Hola Fiona, thank you for yours comments last weeks, congratulations for your birthday!!
    !beautiful place for holidays,
    This shop look very nice!, thank you for share.
    A hug from Palma

  5. Great photo's Fiona and I agree that it doesn't look like your average chazzer shop :D!

    Hope your foot is OK and I do remember that PG tips ad, seems so ancient now doesn't but still funny. Have a good weekend. Chris xx


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