Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fair-ly Disappointing

...was my verdict on the attendance of yesterday's Craft FairIt was a lovely day weather wise, no rain to put off the punters, but due to a severe lack of advertising in the village the crowds just weren't there.  My table was groaning under the weight of all my goodies but I came home with a lot unsold.

 (......it's a dibber!!!)
However, on a positive note I did make £112 plus whatever is in the collecting tin for St Catherine's and the remaining stock is going to be taken to work by my brother and SIL to hopefully generate more sales.

 In true 'Oscar' style I would like to thank the following people whose lovely contributions to my table were very gratefully received.  Eunice, who made delightful decorations and bookmarks and Sue who produced gorgeous gift tags.  My Dad also helped by knocking out lots of wooden bits and pieces down the shed on his fancy lathe, my auntie donated several jars of chutney and marmalade and my parents' friend Jean knitted the fabulous bags.  Thank you all. 

Last night after all the 'fun' of the fair, the village christmas lights were switched on.  No celebs here I'm afraid, just the chairman of the Residents AssociationDad booked a table in the local boozer and we all went down for a feed and joined in the festivities which included free fairground rides for the kids,

(I rather like this arty shot)

and a game of 'guess what the bloke outside is singing' for the adults!

You'd think I'd be putting my feet up tonight after months of crafting but no, I've got to start making my xmas cards now.  I know how to live, eh!

What have you been doing this weekend ?


  1. I think £112 is a good figure. Your stall looked lovely so neat and tidy!

    Were you drunk when you took those night shots?

    Take care

  2. Your table looked absolutely lovely, I'd have been over like a shot. What a shame it wasn't promoted more, they'd make much better pressies than some overpriced box of crap from Boots! xxx

  3. I fully understand where you are coming from Fiona. I have had two fairs this week one advertised properly and one not very well, and like you the one that wasnt advertised very well was so poor.
    When You put alot of work into making all your lovely goodies, you do want to sell them.
    Your stall looked stunning too. Is that the only one you are doing, have a good Sunday night.

  4. Ooo, goodies indeed! Such a bright, colourful table,I suspect I would have been dribbling all over it! So pleased you did at least make some money, but shame about the lack of promotion.It's just the sort of thing people love to go to at this time of year!
    Yay for you trying your first falsie eyelashes! Weird,aren't they? But SO glam!

  5. Your lovely table looks gorgeous, so many beautiful handmade goodies! I do agree that publicity and promotion are key, the vintage and craft fair that my mate Trace and I did just wasn't busy enough. And when you add to that the fact that people are probably being quite frugal, what with job insecurity and recession and all that stuff, it's hard to make money, so your total is good in the circumstances.
    Loving the arty photos!
    PS. What WAS the bloke outside singing?! xxxxxx

  6. I think you can feel pretty proud of that total Fiona despite the lack of crowds. It does make me feel a bit cross that it wasn't properly publicised though - people work SO hard to make these stalls happen. Vicky x

    PS What have I been doing this weekend? Being ill! Grrrr.


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