Monday, 17 June 2013

Croatia Part One

I'm just back from holidaying in Croatia with my school mate Sue where we had a lovely relaxing time.  Want a look at my holiday snaps....?  I'll try not to bore you.

 We stayed in the delightful little resort of Cavtat,

 and after a cloudy start to the week the weather turned scorchio.

         Here's me, (not quite Ursula Andress) sporting
       'this year's tankini' after a dip in the crystal 
                    waters of the Adriatic.

We explored the quaint narrow streets of the village and visited its two churches and Franciscan monastery,


where we saw the above monstrous altarpiece. The cherubim atop it were bastard ugly and looked somewhat familiar. It's difficult to see in my snapshot but just something about the hair... reminded me of Lurcio.        
 Don't titter Mrs!


In the local supermarket we came across some rudely named ice creams..... more tittering ensued. Bwah!


Before heading off one evening, I discovered it was possible to use the self-timer on my camera whilst balancing it on a chair, two pillows, an upturned waste paper basket and a trashy novel.

I also learned that I'm quite partial to a moreish Mojito
whilst watching the beautiful people swan about on gin palaces moored in the harbour.

So, that's the end of Part One, top marks for a good effort if you're still readingPerhaps I'll show you Dubrovnik next time?

Night Night


  1. Looks like you had a great time and I love your photo's, Croatia is beautiful and Cavtat looks so pretty. Looking forward to Dubrovnik! Chris xx

  2. What fabulous holiday photos. I would LOVE Slag and Bumm ice creams!!!

    Sarah xxx

  3. All looks absolutely lovely. Still laughing at the ice cream!

  4. Really glad you had a fab time! Looks and sounds brilliant. Lovely to see pics of you too looking so well - a tan is a rare thing round these parts as you've probably noticed! Love the rude food, especially Bumm ice cream - A LOT of mileage there :)

  5. I want to go to Croatia!
    It looks beautiful and check you out in your tankini looking lithe and hot - did you have to beat off the locals with a stick? You and your friend are babes.
    The Slag and Bumm ice Creams are hilarious and yes, those bastard ugly cherubs do look like Frankie Howard! xxx

  6. I want to go too!
    Croatia looks amazing, your photos are great, and you and Sue look so happy and tanned and gorgeous. Look at how fabulous you are on the beach, all bronzed and beautiful. I can promise you I will NEVER do a swimwear photo shoot, not EVER!
    Slag and Bumm? Mmm, yes please! But I'd really rather have a mojito...
    Welcome home, Fiona!xxx

  7. Great photos Fiona you and Sue look lovely and relaxed glad you had a good time.


  8. Lovely photos of a lovely place. Oh yes, I definitely want to see your take on Dubrovnik.

    I like your naughty food products and the tittering that ensued. Look, we're British, we have a tradition to uphold. Frankie would have been proud of you. xxx

  9. It looks lovely there! Thanks for sharing the ice creams! How funny!
    I love the shot of the steps! xxx

  10. What a pair of glam babes you are Fiona! Love your photos - look at the colours! - and thank goodness that jauntering about in foreign climes hasn't diluted your sophisticated British sense of humour! Vicky x

  11. What fabulous pics, Fiona. I've always wanted to go to Croatia. We've been to Slovenia though which is next door and really lovely too. I'd recommend it. xx

  12. Such wonderful pictures - thank you so much for sharing them!!


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