Monday, 30 September 2013

The One About Brum

Saturday saw the long awaited blogger meet-up in Birmingham  with Vix, Curtise et al and I must say it was with some apprehension that I went along as I hadn't met any of these ladies previously....(I needn't have worried.) I went up the night before, as an 0930 start in Brum is a tall order from Sussex and had booked a cheapie hotel in the city centre. I hooked up with an old friend from my flying days in the evening and we went out for a bite to eat, a reminisce and an angry rant about sex changes, which  apparently cost over £30,000.  (my friend knows someone who now has a cock, courtesy of the NHS!)
It was a fine evening and I got my first glimpses of Birmingham.

The next day I met adorable Vix and darling Curtise (who unfortunately was feeling under par but nevertheless put on a brave face) in The Bullring, I was expecting Emma and Claire to be there also but unfortunately at the last minute they couldn't make it, instead I met lovely Gisela and Liz too.

Being a local bird Vix proved to be a marvellous tour leader and took us to the World Famous Rag Market, along the way she drew many admiring glances and comments from passers-by and even a blog follower!  I felt quite honoured to be following in her wake, ha. Next stop was Digbeth, the Irish quarter of Birmingham and home to a plethora of vintage shops.  I kept stopping along the way to capture the abundance of architectural detail in the Victorian buildings.

First up was the brilliant 91 Allison Street which stocked the most fantastically priced items. I found this pinafore dress.

It needs some alteration around the bust as sadly I am not a buxom wench but for six quid I grabbed it like a shot.  I also found this Norweigan style cardi.

 Again it is a tad too big but what the hell, it was a fantastic £8 and it's hardly been worn, none of your acrylic rubbish either - 100% lambswool, which I was grateful for on the bloody freezing train home. According to Vix, thanks to the succession of Scandi dramas on TV anything with a Scandinavian look is a best seller on her stalls.
Sue the owner was lovely and even threw in this scarf for free when I went to pay, I would highly recommend this shop if ever you visit Brum.

 Vix found an amazingly coloured blue coat and Gisela scored a dress and a blouse before we left for lunch at a nearby boozer.

 Pippi (who joined us at lunchtime) Liz and Curtise

   Vix and Gisele (apologies for shocking photos, girls)

We also exchanged a few gifts, from Vix I received this lovely zebra scarf (could also double as a sarong) and this very elegant jacket from Curtise. 

After lunch we headed off for more shopping and at Cow I bought a tartan skirt. (also all the rage at vintage fairs seemingly, who'da thought I was so trendy?)

From there we made our way to the famous Custard Factory area where Bird's custard was manufactured until the 60's.

 Onto the hip-tastic Urban Village which stocks some fabulous 60's and 70's labels, egged on by me Vix bought Jon a groovy 70's shirt and Curtise grabbed herself a pretty tapestry bag.

As we left, Frankie the owner of Urban Village kindly allowed me to pose on his Vespa, he proudly informed me it takes seven hours to clean all that chrome!

And still there was more.....

Before heading our separate ways  we stopped off at another pub and after a restorative pint of Strongbow I headed to the station with Curtise, Gisela, Vix and Liz where we said our goodbyes.
I had a brilliant time on my first visit to Brum -  a vibrant, happening city (Britains second largest) full of history and interesting, innovative architecture. 

If you've never been, ignore Birmingham's bad rep and get yourself over there...you won't be disappointed.



  1. What a fantastic round-up and some absolutely stunning photos. Brum should be very proud, you've made her look gorgeous!
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, you're as witty and as fabulous as your blog suggests (and twice as gorgeous!)
    Fab buys, delighted you got to wear that cardi straight away. My kilts were selling like hot cakes yesterday, you blinking hipster!
    Let's do it all over again soon! xxxx

  2. oh what fun!! I don't think I've ever been to Birmingham, apart from the NEC!

  3. Oh my! Seeing your photos also makes me wish I could have made it !! Maybe next time!

    It's all TOO marvellarse, darling, and I am SO jealous!
    I love the pinafore, but am goign to have to insist you go back for that heavenly maxi-you looked dreamy in it! YAY for a great day spent with amazing ladies! XXX

  5. Hey, Hipster! Didn't we have a fab day? Once I knew I wasn't going to faint, that is... I loved Birmingham, your photos capture so many wonderful details of our travels. There's always a lot to see, if you look around, and you have a great eye (and camera!)
    You found some excellent bargains, I was looking at tartan skirts in a charity shop today and thinking of you!
    I loved meeting you, Fiona, you are so easy to chat to and delightful company. Right - when' the next meet up? I'll be fighting fit and ready to shop! xxxx

  6. Your photographs are lovely and Birmingham isn't what I'd imagined at all. It looks like you all had a fun time and found some cool clothes. I LOVE your Norwegian knit! xx

  7. p.s. you look stunning in that dress on Vix's post! xx

  8. Great photos of Brum there, it's a happening place isn't it? I love your scandi cardigan and your mini kilt you little hipster. Vix and Curtise are the perfect company for a lovely day out, so glad you overcame your nerves and jumped in. Should have bought that dress though... :) xxx

  9. Amazing. I'm in love with that first dress. Seems like a good time. Cheers for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  10. What a fahbulous time you all had Fiona and for two pins I would've joined you! Your photos really bring the day to life and it's fun to see your shopping haul too! Vicky x

  11. Sounds like such a great day! I've never shopped in Birmingham, but we're not all that far away, and reading your chat + the pics and fabbo finds, just makes me want to go. Adore your nordic knit x


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