Tuesday, 15 October 2013

And Darker Days Are Drawing Near

I couldn't hang on any longer, yesterday saw me bid adieu to my summer wardrobe.  The mornings are chillier, the evenings are darker, the spiders are bigger...it can only mean one thing - time to unpack woolies.

Whilst doing it I had bit of a clothing cull. There have been a few new additions to my wardrobe lately so something had to go, consequently the charity bag is fairly bursting at the seams.  There's something about a new season that gives one the desire to make or restore order in the home.... how long it will last is anyone's guess as I'm not the tidiest housefrau and I'm sure it won't be long before more second-hand tat finds it's way here.

 After the wardrobe organisation I turned my attention to a photo frame that I picked up at a charity shop for 99p last year, it's been sculling around ever since waiting to be filled.  I finally became inspired after flicking through the junk mailed kitchenware pages of the Argos catalogue(of all publications!) and after a few minutes on the computer the result was this. 

 After all this activity I went for a wander around the village with my camera and captured some Octobery-feel snaps. 

Earlier in the day I'd been into town for a few essentials and niece's birthday present and as you do, popped into a few chazzas.  I found myself this denim skirt, very ordinary I know but thought it would be useful with boots and tights. Compared to my summer clobber my winter wardrobe is woeful.

Oxfam £3.99

As you see, although it has been in the house not twenty four hours it has already managed to pick up the ubiquitous cat hair!


Linking up to Magpie Monday and Op shop show-off.

Got a girlie lunch to attend tomorrow which will probably involve a plentiful supply of alcohol and much cackling...I'm off to choose an outfit.  What are you up to?

Have a great week. xx


  1. You make me cackle!
    The picture frame looks brand new! and i like the skirt too, my thoughts always turn to denim when it get's nippy out. looking forward to the '..op-shop tat sneaking in.."!
    Great to have ya linking in x

  2. lovely photos of the garden life - including the white furry one!!.
    cool frame - imagine the argos catalogue providing inspiration!!. there cant be many people who can say that!.

  3. Lovely idea for the picture frame, that denim skirt will look great with your Nordic knit from Brum, and your autumnal photos are stunning.
    Cat hairs is EVERYWHERE in this house, I've given up worrying about it.
    Enjoy your boozy lunch, have a drink and a cackle or several for me! I'm about to ring Debenhams again... xxx

  4. That picture frame is gorgeous and you (and the cat) will get loads of use from that classic denim skirt!
    Spiders? You don't want to see the size of the thing Jon caught in the lounge last night, I swear I could hear his feet!
    Have a wonderful boozy lunch, wish I was joining you, I've got to find space for the mammoth charity shop haul I bought earlier instead! xxxx

  5. Lovely post to read Fiona,you sound so full of energy! Love your frame and the gorgeous photo's you took. Chris xx

  6. a denim skirt is the must have staple. great pick up. i love your collage of nature snaps. they are so beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous autumn pics! Fab altogether like that in a collage, is it easy to do? I'm such a biff. Bought a denim skirt last year with the same thing in mind (woollies, tights, boots) but couldn't kick the jeans/jumper habit. Will try harder this time! x

  8. I really need to sort my wardrobe out!!

  9. I know exactly what you mean about a new season making one want to organise and sort out. I've been feeling the same. Love that denim skirt and your autumn photos are fab. Enjoy your lunch, and have one for me! x


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