Sunday, 15 December 2013

Such A Pretty Dress

It's been a while but I've been putting my time to good use, as you do at this time of year.  You know... making lists, buying presents, paying a lump sum off my mortgage and buying a vintage frock.

Yes indeedy and what a beauty...check her out.


I found her in a chazza on their vintage rails which are shoved up in one corner.  An elderly couple were dithering about and blocking my way, rather than push them out of the way such was my impatience, I turned my attention to the evening dresses which I could  access.  Not something I would usually make a beeline for (invitations to dinner dances rarely come my way these days) but on this occasion I was glad I did.  I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this sixties stunner so paid the required £22 and ran off with her before someone beat me to it.

 The fabric is taffetta-like, overlaid with georgette and look at the elegant bow detail and 'drapey-ness' on the back! Lush. 


I've tried to research Melbray of London with little success,  are you an owner of one of their frocks? 

Fortunately I just managed to squeeze my bulk into it although Magic Knickers will definitely be required. I've nowhere in mind to wear it just now but heeded advice from fabulous fashionista Vix, so when an occasion does present itself I'll be party-ready and won't need to dash around the shops like a greased weasel.  

I must say I do feel tres elegant in it.

Frock - St Catherines Hospice shop 
Beaded satin shoes, had them for years - Debut by Debenhams 
Fishnets - TK Maxx  

My approach to Christmas has never been more laid back, most presents are bought but not wrapped, cards almost written.. some posted, no decorations up at all...still not sure about that one.  Things to do in the coming week - shop for last few pressies and food, wrap parcels, make two dozen mince pies and freeze, enjoy a night out with friends, a pub lunch with relatives and I've even found time to fit in a smear test, yuk. Now I'm 501 I've been expecting the dreaded first mammogram appointment to drop through the door any minute....no doubt something to look forward to in the New Year hey?

I'm at work again tonight so will miss the Strictly dance-off and results show.... bugger.  Fervently hoping that Fit Patrick will stay in but he is the bookies favourite to be voted off. It looks like it could be an all female final. 

Who's your favourite?


  1. ah beautiful dress!! I'm surprisingly drawn to Abby....

  2. Your dress looks great - what a bargain. I hope that you will be wearing it very soon. xx

  3. Oh my goodness, Lady Fifi, you shall go the ball! What a stunning dress, so elegant, and you look beautiful all dolled up and ready to party, let's hope the invites roll in. If not, wear it down the pub, and watch the men roll in! I'm sure I have seen that label before, though not in my collection. I bet it was from a dead posh shop. I always google labels I haven't seen before, and often there is absolutely no information on them, it's as though these brands/businesses just disappear into thin air.
    You sound busy - nights out and mince pies, hurray; smear tests, not so much, but hey, got to be done!
    I liked Patrick too (he's our age, the older contestants NEVER win, do they?) We love Suzanna, even though she isn't the best dancer, and Kevin from Grimsby, but I think Abbey Clancy might snatch the win. People like the whole "journey" thing, don't they, and Natalie has been good right from the start, almost too good. And Sophie is too cool for school, so we're not keen on her.
    Well, you did ask! xxxxx

  4. That is one gorgeous dress and you look a total hottie wearing it. I'm sure you'll be inundated with offers for fab night out and yes, you'll be ready!
    I haven't heard of the make, so many fancy boutiques had their own labels back in the day. Bet it was a very posh shop, though. xxxxx

  5. Oh wow, Fiona, you look gorgeous. The frock is a beaut. Oh Xmas...that old thing...I'm bored with it already... xx

  6. Gorgeous! You do indeed look tres elegant, what a fantastic find! Must check out the evening dress rail next time - never tend to look either, but need something for a big army bash at the end of Jan. Shame about Patrick! Susanna's legions of fans swung it for her didn't they? xxx

  7. Wow you look stunning in it - who needs an occssion? Reckon you should just swan around the house serenely in it while offering round your mince pies!

    Have a lovely Christmas xx

  8. Ooh, lovely dress Fiona! This was a very informative post. I didn't know you can freeze mince pies and I thought you had to be 60 for a mammogram. I have much to learn it seems. Oh and how do I achieve a laid back approach to Christmas please? xx

  9. Now that is a treat for the eyes. You look a million dollars in that amazing dress. Tres elegant indeed! Melbray of London, I bet it was a small independent boutique with a swish address.

    Congrats on the lump sum, we've just done the same. Feels great doesn't it?

    Poor old Patrick, shame. I like Susannah and Kevin from Grimsby for their sense of fun and attitude, but think the best dancer is Abby. xxx

  10. Love your dress, Fiona - just gorgeous. Who needs a special occasion? If you were Vix, you'd wear it to Asda!! x


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