Friday, 3 January 2014

Lean in 2014?

It's all over for another year and thankfully mine was uneventful, by that I mean we had power and weren't flooded unlike other poor souls in Sussex.  The chaos at work was well documented on the news and in the tabloids but lucky me, I was on days off so managed to avoid all that.

The indoor fireworks were a hit although little Lara seemed unimpressed.

Presents...I had a few. Now why do I always get something phallus related from my colleagues...? 

(They know me well though, I'm always cold so this hot water bottle will be well used) Last year it was chocolate dicks, I dread to think what it'll be next year!

Lovely crochet book....

....slippers and P&P DVD. I caught the first two episodes of Death Comes to Pemberly at xmas but missed the final one, Mr Darcy was less than enigmatic I thought.

New years resolutions?  Nah, not bothering with that shite but am hoping to join a gym to fight the flab. It's been slowly creeping on these last few months and I can't blame it all on middle-aged spread, time to take action.  After the excesses of Christmas I'm feeling a bit like this.

So of course what's the first thing you do when you're trying to lose weight...go out for a ruby with the girls obvs! No really I am serious about this, you'll just have to take my word for it. 
   I'm planning on having a clear out of sorts as well.  I get a charity bag through the door at least once a week it won't be hard to fill it. I've got books galore and plenty of 'stuff' I'm sure the chazzas will be glad of.

The sun has just made a brief appearance and hilighted all the dust, cat hair and filthy windows hereabouts so I'd better go and get myself reacquainted with the duster.  

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2014



  1. Happy New Year to you, lovely! Glad it was a good one.
    That is the best hot water bottle cover I've ever seen.xx

  2. You, me and Bubbles DeVere have all overindulged a little then... Oh well, I enjoyed it!
    Happy New Year, Madame Fifi! Glad you retained all your amenities over the festive season, and avoided all the dreadfulness at the airport! Your Christmas looks fun, despite Lara's stony face... Love that little tartan frock from Brum, the perfect Christmas dress.
    A hot water bottle with an appendage? Good lord! Such neat pubic hair though, that's a blessing. So what exactly are your colleagues saying with all these cock and bull gifts? Hmm...
    Good luck with the gym, the declutter and the cleaning. I might join you in ONE of the above. No clues ( but you know how I hate cleaning and what a total lazy arse I am!) xxxxxx

  3. Happy New Year Fiona and so glad you missed the furor at work over Christmas!! The hot water bottle pressie really had me laughing, friends eh?!! Chris xx

  4. that hot water bottle is hilarious where do you even buy something like that! haha!!

  5. I always make a point of reading your posts Fiona as they always make me smile, thank you.
    Sally x

  6. A belated Happy New Year Fiona! Catching up at the mo as we've had no phone/internet for days - quite liked the quiet at the start, but the novelty's definitely worn off. So glad you weren't caught up in all the airport chaos - looks like you had a lovely time, and a good present haul too - gorgeous book, bonkers hot water bottle, surely going to be tricky to top!
    I've been trying to think of ways to tackle the bum/tum spread as well - always happens when I go home and see my sisters who're both personal trainers and as fit as you like. So depressing! xx

  7. Happy new year! Love that pic of Bubbles, wasn't she fantastic. I feel a bit like that after the festivities, need to get back on the old wagon. Good luck with the gym hunting. That water bottle is something else!! Xx

  8. OMG- that hot water bottle cover! My hubby always threatens to cite mine if we ever get divorced but if he saw that, it could be the end!


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