Friday, 21 February 2014

The Pill and Bad Company

It's been a while... that thing called life has been getting in the way of blogging recently so apologies if I've missed your posts and I will endevour to catch up with you soon.
 I've been having a tidy-up and a sort-out lately and came across this publication in mum's knitting basket.  Wanna look?

The views about the pill were most revealing 

and now seem so outdated  thank goodnessEven though this was 1974 I was still surprised to read that Marion thought that sterilisation was "the only answer"  No doubt sending her old man for the snip wasn't considered an option. I wonder what happened?

After the family planning advice came the interiors pages... 
 bedrooms like this featured in many a seventies sitcom.

Seems like blues was the news that year and Habitat was the place to shop.

I don't think many UK homes had central heating in 1974, (ours certainly didn't, it was bastard freezing. I remember waking to find the net curtains frozen against the inside of the window!) so one may have needed to knit these to stay warm inside, as well as out!

I was twelve when this was published and back then I used to secretly listen to Radio Luxembourg in bed under the blanket with the aid of my trannie earpiece. Oh yes, I was quite the rebel!

Have a great weekend all.



  1. Wow Fiona this brought back memories! I used to buy that mag regularly when I was newly married:) how times change
    Val x

  2. What a marvellous trip down memory lane! I was eight in 1974 and remember dipping in to mums Woman's Owns and the occasional People's Friend! I certainly remember the frost on the inside of the windows and still today I wax lyrical about the glory of central heating ( my girls don't know they're born!)Thanks for the trip x Jane

  3. Thanks for a glimpse back in time - even the food looks dated, how weird is that? Are we to assume that your mum hasn't cleared out her knitting basket since 1974??!!

  4. Love a bit of 70's style, not all of it mind, but even the busy bedroom is somehow appealing, and like a lot of that Habitat stuff (mitts too!) Think it's part nostalgia, part design with me. Lovely look back xx

  5. Oh yeah, NOBODY had central heating in 1974. We had an open fire in the lounge and a parafin lamp in the loo!
    Feel like makin' love is my favourite Bad Company song. My boyf Q is from the Boro, which is where Paul Rogers comes from. Q was in a various bands with PR's brother Ged, he has a great singing voice too, and their other brother 'Our Ian' is the inspiration for the song My brother Jake. Rock Facts! :)' xxxx

  6. I certainly remember the no central heating and the ice on the inside of the windows!! We had to go downstairs to get dressed in front of the paraffin heater!! Can you imagine suggesting that nowadays! xx

  7. I love that look into blue interiors of yesteryear. A lot of that stuff would be very desirable retro now. xx

  8. Ha, loving Tania's Rock Facts!
    You know, I rather like that bedroom actually, and I have some blue and white 70s kitchenware that's quite similar to those featured items. Yeah, right up to date, that's me - as long as the date is 1974...
    No, we didn't have central heating either, I well remember ice on the inside of the windows and Mum lighting the open fire every morning and warming our clothes on the fire guard. I listened to Radio Luxembourg too, the reception always faded badly after a certain time at night, as I recall, and it went all fuzzy and crackly. God, I sound ancient!
    Love that song! xxx

  9. Yeah, Tania's rock facts have made me lose track of my train of thought!
    I was in my 30s before i experience central heating and I had to pay for the bastard thing to be installed myself. Mde me the rock hard woman I am now - wouldn't mind a pair of those mittens though! xx


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