Saturday, 31 January 2015

Scavenger Hunt - January

I'm pleased to be linking to Greenthumb's Scavenger Hunt again this year, I missed the last few months.  To be honest the recent weather hasn't been up to much picture taking, so some of the following are from the archives.
Here are my snaps for JANUARY'S list.

Something new

the year


A local vista


none needed here


 Early morning frost on a sedum seed head


 memories of last year's holiday in France...look, sun!

Up high

 the sails on Rottingdean windmill

In the fridge

No caviar or chocolate body paint here I'm afraid.



Hmmm, bit of a tenuous link here but I struggled with this one.


 taken at Rottingdean, East Sussex


 My dad, brother and nephew on the big wheel in La Rochelle

Whatever you want

I recently found this photo at dad's house, taken of mum and I on the occasion of my parents ruby wedding anniversary in 2001.  I'm not sure I'd seen it before but it's a nice one of us both I think. 
She is very much missed.

Thanks as always to Greenthumb for hosting and please do take a squizz at the other link ups....you can find them here.


  1. Every time I see one of these posts I think - hmm that looks fun - must look into it. And then I forget until I see them again the following month! Love your headless swan - not a tenuous link at all - very creative I think. And as for the treasured photo of you and your mum - absolutely lovely. Thanks for your comments about my header - I think I'm almost there! Mr K searches for out of copyright images(most Victorian images are)on Google and then uses Photoshop to create a collage - rather him than me! Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  2. Great interpretations - love the swan picture - and the others. The swans are great fun to watch.

  3. Great set of photos, I really like the 'up high' photo. Suzy x

  4. Great pics ! Thanks for your thoughts for France ... and thanks for your visit to my blog... I wish you a lovely week end.

  5. Ahh, what a gorgeous photo of you and your Mum. You look alike, I think, same face shape and mouth. And she looks kind and friendly - also just like you, Fiona.
    As always, your photos are fantastic. Despite your struggles, I think "Hidden" is beautiful and a clever interpretation, and the frost and autumn texture pics are beautiful. xxx

  6. There may not be chocolate body paint but there is fizz!

    These are lovely pictures. x

  7. Lovely picture of you and your mum, Fiona x

  8. Lovely collection. The landscape photo is beautiful and I like texture too. Rudyard Kipling was named after a place very close to where I live :)
    The photo of you and your mum was a lovely find.

  9. Love your photos ... you and your Mum were like peas in a pod ... I miss my Mum too ... and my Dad :0(

  10. Great photos, I love these posts. That duck one is brilliant. Like everyone else has said, the photo of you and your mum is lovely.

  11. A wonderful collection, Fiona! I really loved your texture photo! The photo of you and your mom is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. It's great to see your photos, I really like cold, landscape, up high and the one of you and you mum. Greenthumb.

  13. Great set of photos. Landscape gave me a flutter of excitement for the warmth of summer to come. I'm really wishing I photographed something healthy in my fridge after seeing yours! Love the windmill too. x

  14. Lovely set of photos, I like the Landscape and Hidden, and what a lovely photo to have of you and your mum.
    Amanda xx

  15. Lovely photos, the ones of the pond and the wine bottle makes me hanker after summer!

  16. That's a beautiful photo of you and your mum. You do look alike.
    Great photos. I do like Up High and Texture 'looks' so crunchy.

  17. What gorgeous photos! I especially love Texture, and that lovely bottle of pink elixir. I haven't done the scavenger hunt for months, but you're inspiring me to think about it again. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  18. Great finds. As others have said, I love texture! That is a beautiful picture of you and your Mum. Lots of lovely memories there. xx

  19. Brill photos!
    Ha, if you think your hidden is tenuous (which it isn't- it's genius!), see mine!
    I love your local landscape picture, wish our weather was like that. The bottle shot makes me long for sunshine. I also like how you captured the fridge. Any shots I took looked appalling ofmine!x

  20. Fabulous pics Fiona and all so different too. The pic of you and your Mum is lovely and it's great to have such a memory too.
    The Charlie one made me pause too after all the terrible happenings last month.
    Fliss xx

  21. A wonderful set of photos, Fiona. I also saw the similarity between you and your mom and so sorry that she is no longer with you. Pictures such as those are treasures.
    I thought a hidden swan's head was perfect! The texture photo is great, and especially pronounced after your colourful and healthy looking vegetable drawer. Brave folk going on the Big Wheel! Have fun with February's list.

  22. Uma bela coleção de fotos, uma incrível ideia a de usar o calendário para algo novo.
    Adorei a foto do frio, para o alto é encantadora, a textura tão diferente.
    Amei a foto com você e sua mãe!

  23. A really super lot of photos! I love the one of the swan. You are so like your mum aren't you. Some wonderful memories for you. xx

  24. hello
    c'est la première fois que je participe
    je ne sais pas si j'ai mis le bon lien
    je trouve votre participation
    très joli
    j'adore le moulin
    merci de votre passage
    edith (iris) France

  25. I've seen these scavenger hunts but I'm not too good at posting to a schedule. Lovely pic of you and mum :)

  26. Such a lovely photo of you and your mum. Great mix of pics altogether - like the headless swan with the ripples x

  27. Your photos are always really inspiring, but this time far and away my favourite is that lovely photo of you and your mum. You look so beautiful and what Curtise said is spot on; you both have kind, friendly faces. Xxxxx


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