Sunday, 14 June 2015

Jumble Joy and A Jolly Chunky Bag

It's been a while since I posted any bargains but there have been a couple of local jumble sales recently so I got myself down there.  The first was fairly disappointing and I came away with just a few books although I was very tempted by an ancient Ewbank which should have been gracing a museum rightly.  The second jumble at Copthorne Scout Hut is legendary and lengthy queues form early.  I had mentioned previous bargains to my friend Juliette who was keen to experience her first jumble so armed with copious amounts of bags, change and Vix's jumbling strategy we headed off.

Here's what I bought

Wicker hamper £1, scarf 30p,  Midwinter trio 50p, drum lightshade 50p, demi-lune table £3 and knackered old stool £1.  (River Island skinny jeans 30p and a Superdry T-shirt 30p have been despatched to the niece and nephew.)

I thought the hamper would be useful for storing some of my yarn stash which is danger of taking over the sitting room and the drum lightshade (really a lampshade and too big for my pendant fitting, but with some jiggery pokery it works)  perfect for my newly decorated hall.  The console table is also designated for the hall after some tarting up and the stool I just had to buy as we had identical ones at home when I was growing up.  Juliette and I bought one each and are in competition to see who can achieve the most radical make-over.

The subject of yarn leads me nicely to my latest make.... wanna see?

 Ta dah!

It's my Jolly Chunky Bag, I love the happy colours.... and best of all look how capacious it is!

 It's jolly pleasing!

 (btw - 99p cropped jeans - chazza)

  The pattern is an original by the supremely talented Lucy of Attic 24 and features on her blog along with oodles of other sensational patterns and gorgeous inspiration.  I must declare that I am rather pleased with it even if the leaf placement is a bit off.  I seem to have been bitten by the crochet bug this year and am already contemplating my next project which I'll have plenty of time for as I'm away on my holidays soon.  No prizes for guessing that I'm off to France and crochet will occupy me for a few hours on the ferry together with some people watching no doubt!

Before I say à la prochaine, I'd just like to say a huge 'thank you' to you all for the kind messages left on my last post after the loss of Prudy.  I noticed that some of you who don't regularly comment on my blog took the time to leave a thoughtful word and I'd like you to know how very much that was appreciated.

I'm off now to get the case out of the loft and try some of this rhubarb and ginger cake that I made earlier,..do help yourself to a virtual slice.
 Have a good week all... 


  1. Oh my goodness, what a lovely bag! And how good to see that I'm not the only one who stashes emergency secret alcohol in my handbag!*
    You are so clever.

    I love your secondhand finds, especially the pretty table and the hamper. They are so useful and attractive.

    Can't wait to see what becomes of the stool and you must show us your friends version too!



  2. Love the bag! I love a carboot too! You got some great bargains. Thank you for your comment too, its good to be back x

  3. Great bargains !! Super bonnes affaires !Ton nouveau sac est joli et élégant ! Bonnes vacances !! Bises

  4. Can't beat jumble prices! You got some fabulous bargains, love the console table, Midwinter pieces, and the hamper. And yes, you must show us the results of the stool makeover challenge!
    Your crochet bag is a triumph, Fiona! It looks really good, and is a great practical size too. You're getting bloody good at this crochet business, I expect whole outfits next - a little project while you are en vacances, peut etre?! (Autocorrect changed that to pout extra!)
    Mmm, lovely looking cake. xxxx

  5. Fabulous bargains, Fiona - and I love your new bag, perfect for summer!

  6. That cake looks delicious!!! All your bargains are great, but I do love your new bag best of all!!! You will love using it I am sure. Hope you have a great time in France! xx

  7. Fab jumble buys, lovely! Nothing better than a nice bit of wicker to hold wools and whatnot.
    Love the bag! I remember when Lucy blogged it and thought then what a beauty it was...she is super talented that girl! SO are you. It looks amazing and glad to see there's room for a can of ol' Scrumpy Jack. I'll have a sip with my bit of cake if that's OK?!XX

  8. Your bag's a real beauty, so bright and jolly, and roomy too! You make me want to get crocheting again... been a while. And cracking finds at the jumble, obviously sharpened your elbows :) Great idea to have a stool makeover contest, love that, sure there'll be no holding back!
    Your cake looks divine, such a perfect match, rhubarb and ginger - really pretty how you've decorated it.
    Holiday soon? Very exciting. We're France-bound mid July xx

  9. That cake looks scrumptious ... and I wish I could have more than a virtual slice.
    Your bargains are all fab and I can't wait to see your furniture makeovers.
    As for the bag ... too gorgeous ... I adore it. Crochet was evidently your hidden calling in life ;0)

  10. What a tremendous haul! Everything is lovely - the Midwinter, the stool (we had those, too!), the console table, the lampshade and the wicker basket. Can't beat a rumble in the jumble.
    The bag is a triumph, i love i¬! nice arse, too! xxx

  11. The bag is gorgeous! I have a picture of you in my head sitting in the park with a picnic in that wicket basket and knitting in that bag and being happy. For myself I'm having virtual tea with my virtual slice of cake. Until I get up from the computer and go put on the kettle, that is :-)

  12. Back again! Do you know Vintage Jane's blog? She has a pic on her latest post with some crocheted stool covers. Thought you could rustle up that sort of thing... xx

  13. Woohoo! Rumble in the jungle, you scored big time. Love that demi-lune and the stool. I would say nostalgia is priceless, but it's not, look, it costs £1.00. You're very good on the crocheting, that bag is fab. Oh, Je suis si jalouse! Whereabouts are you going? Same place as last year? I can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics. Xxxx

  14. That bag is AMAZING!!!! Wow I'm in awe.

    Your jumble sale buys are fab too, you have a great eye. I hope we get to see both stools in their revamped glory.

  15. Jiggery Pokery!! I love that saying. You certainly did well with your shopping. My mate Sue has made that same bag from Attic 24, they are gorgeous and a perfect size to use. Thanks for the slice of cake, it was divine and I am pretty sure I have gained weight.

  16. I love wicker hampers, I mostly have tea sets in mine :) and your bag is really cute, love the colours!

  17. Love your crochet bag clever clogs!
    enjoy your hols.....D x


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