Tuesday, 13 October 2015


..............there hasn't been a great deal to blog about.  September was on the whole, uneventful and I feel uneasy blogging about my mundane life. Seriously, how interesting can one make a dental check-up and a performance review at work, sound?
  But I am aware that I've neglected my blog recently so here are the highlights from the last few weeks.
Prepare to be underwhelmed.

At the start of the month I visited Ardingly Antiques Fair with my Stitch n Bitch friend Juliette.
......she's camera shy, so there are no photos of us!

 I wasn't after anything in particular but Juliette had her eyes peeled for a wooden ironing board and after about two hours of fruitless searching we came across several in the space of minutes. There was taxidermy galore and of course the ubiquitous deer heads/skulls on plaques.  I didn't find anything that caught my eye or suited my pocket until we were on our way back to the car park when I saw a lady packing up her stock.... among it was this battered old trolley. I shelled out nine quid, cos its perfect for my craft room which, ironically, hasn't seen much action at all this year!

After a thorough clean and labelling of drawers it is now providing some semblance of order to my rubber stamp collection.

Later in September I caught up with another friend Deb, who invited me for drinks on the terrace followed by a lovely lunch... and there started a very interesting conversation indeed.

 ...and lastly at the beginning of this month it was my brother Stu's 50th birthday and there was a big bash round at his house, fortunately just a 5 minute walk from mine.

Although he looks a bit worse for wear in this snap he wasn't that sloshed at all.

And what about that conversation I mentioned earlier?
Well, it has led to a little adventure which I shall be embarking upon soon, and hopefully, if I return unscathed I'll tell you all about it next time.


  1. You'd better tell us about it ! I have frequent blogging dry spells as well; it's a good sign though, it means that we're too busy ... just living our lives ! xx

  2. Stop in from Vixen. Me personal for all social media I rather blog. I need to have a tag sale, hopeful it will happen 2106

  3. Ooh, you mysterious woman you, does it involve that ferry ticket to France? Do tell!
    Don't you look lovely at your brother's birthday do, all lacey and glamorous! And I fancy that lunch menu...
    I feel a bit disconnected from my blog at the moment, it's just such a struggle to fit it in and half the time I feel like you, I haven't done anything very special to blog about. But I always feel better for cobbling together a post, and getting round to reading and commenting, so I keep going - I'd hate to lose touch with so many lovely people! It's always good to see a post from you, Fiona. xxx

  4. Oh, adventures! Can't wait to hear more.
    Love the photo of you and your brother. Happy Birthday to him.
    That religious statue and the taxidermy are fab, Bet they were a pretty penny. Love the crafting trolley perfect for an ex-trolley dolly! xxx

  5. Very intriguing! Can't wait to hear what you're planning! The picture of you with your bro is lovely Fiona, great too that he lives down the road. Often wish I wasn't so far away from my sisters.
    The trolley is a sorting gem! Looks like it's already been put to good use. Not so sure about the taxidermy. Know it's the thing now, but still creeps me out xx

  6. Ooooh adventures. Excellent! Can't wait to hear waht they will be.
    Love all of the things in the first pjoto, I'd find room in the house for a stuffed badge and that bit of the Nativity no problem. Bet they were expensive. I can remember rescuing stautes that were being chucked from chruches that were about to be turned in to winebars or carpet warehouses and year, years ago. Those days have gone!
    You look luverely...always nice to see you.xxx

  7. Blog posts don't always need to be exciting ... sometimes all I want is a nice, easy read!

  8. I hope that you have a great time on your adventure! xx

  9. Totally get the blogging apathy, I've definitely been in a slump myself but I've loved your post, as always your take on things always makes me laugh. Great pic of you and your Bruv, glad it was a good night! Chris xx

  10. Get you, Ms Mysterious! What's your big fat juicy secret, I wonder? 😋 I do like a good adventure. You look so beautiful in your photo, we don't see nearly enough of that face. Happy birthday bro! I know what you mean, my everyday life would send people to sleep and I don't think me in an outfit is quite enough content to get anyone excited. So we're back to your adventure then. Good luck, hope it is fab. Xxx

  11. It's always good to make time for adventures! I'm a bit scared of that badger....

  12. You look fantastic in that photo ... very glamorous! And I'm waiting with bated breath to find out what you mystery is :0)

  13. That wasn't at all underwhelming - a craft trolley, a birthday party, lunches and friends! Sounds like a lovely month. I'm wondering what I can write about, too, for my blog. I may resort to exaggeration.

    I can't wait to hear about your adventure!

  14. not long now for your adventure to start Fiona, it's exciting hope all goe well. That's a
    lovely photo of you and Stuart

  15. Oooh, I'm intrigued by the sound of your adventure - can't wait to hear more ... x

  16. A performance review could be very dramatic :-)

  17. Oooh, sounds very intriguing! Your little trolley is so sweet. I'm another one who's struggling to blog these days. And also keep up with everyone elses. xx


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