Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Scavenger Hunt

I'm late again with last month's picture prompts...but I've got a valid excuse...I've been away.
......Although that would possibly give me more time to take pictures?  
Anyway here are my October snaps with a few taken on my trip.

October's List

Should I buy this caravan or not?


 A Bailey's coffee with squirty cream....mmmmmmm




My friend Samyo's delicious apple pie served up in her cosy 'shed'...the evening got very messy after this.


 I think this brand is familiar the world over.  I took this picture to remind me why I never usually eat this shit. (it was very convenient on this occasion)
 Look at that bun! It would probably glow in the dark.


It rarely does these days, with the exception of a few friends, relatives and those infernal cold-callers.  Most people now text me.


.....was special.


Looking down from the castle ruins to the village of Apremont, France



 corn plants in this field


..... away from it's vehicle and now gracing my back garden

Whatever you want

Guess where I've been ?

Many thanks as always to Greenthumb for organizing the Hunt.
Pop on over to her her blog to see other interpretations and the list for November.


  1. Mmmm... piecing together the clues... are you thinking about buying in France? In the Vendée? Am I warmish? Or getting un peu carried away? Exciting though!
    Lovely photo collection - lots of blue sky (not seen much of that here recently) - really like Number and yummy Lattice. Freaky burger bun! xx

  2. Yes - buy the caravan!
    As always, your photos are wonderful, Fiona - I especially like the shots of the boat and the sweetcorn field. And look at the blue skies - glorious!
    Hope you had a fantastic time in France. xxx

  3. I see that whilst you were on the water we were up in the air. (Blue skies in Italy then a couple of hours later thick fog over the UK and a question mark over where we would land was an interesting experience at the time)! It looks as if your holiday in France was a good one.

  4. uy the caravan!!!! haha! Yeah I hate the M shit too BUT every now and then it is what it is. Fast and convenient x

  5. Yes i think you should buy the caravan! How exciting.:) Love the latticed pie and the baileys coffee with squirty cream.That little boat is cute too.Hope you enjoyed France.x

  6. Your photo of the dictionary page just made my day :-)

  7. Sure, buy the caravan - you can't be sailing off to France all the time. But hopefully there's a good pub near the caravan so you don't have to go to McDonalds. I have to admit, I've been to McDonalds in Paris and Rome when I just wanted something familiar.

    I love the boat and cream - yum!

  8. OH Je vois que tu aimes vraiment la France !!!! Là je ne suis pas loin de la Vendée ... Tes photos sont superbes ! Je n'ai pas eu le temps de participer ce mois ci ... peut être plus tard !
    It's funny cause on the broken number plat from a french car, the last number is about the region where the people live, here it's 77 (seine et marne) .... the same for me !!!! the same region ! This makes me smile ...
    Bonne journée, bises

  9. Lovely photos and interpretations. The caravan looks wonderful. Like you not so many calls now except those nuisance ones and I'm fed up with those. How lovely to visit France it has been a ahile since we were last there - I love the looking down photo:)

  10. My first visit here and I like your blog very much. Such snippets of fun and imagery. I am also a previous 2CV owner so I shall pop by again. Jo

  11. Is that a static a la Francais? Buy it!!!
    A great collection of photos, I'm longing for a bit of that blue sky. xxx

  12. Flippin' heck yes! Buy that caravan.
    Lovely photos as ever. I love that an apple pie proceeded much merriment.
    Hope you had a wonderful time in France.

  13. Well done, Fiona! Your cream looks so delicious, and I thought your take on "writing" was clever! My phone doesn't ring much these days. I've just gotten my first iPhone and am learning how to text. Pretty funny! Have a good one!

  14. I really like your lattice photo! I wish I'd thought of that. ;)

    Great pics … and yes Maccas (as we like to call it) looks exactly same and very familiar the world over.

  16. I love how you have illustrated all the word prompts. Yes buy the caravan if it isin a nice area with country walk or coastal walks and not too crowded aruond it. Love the pie, my friend found me one but et it before I could phootgraph it adn then I could not get another one!!! Hope you will lok at my photogpahs (and story)

  17. If that's a real question about the caravan, the answer is OUI! Bien sur! Get it bought! And then tell us all about it. If any apple pie can get a party started, it's that one! McDonalds, urgh. I had to take a child to one the other night. It's like a different world, she had to show me how to order and everything. An ambulance was called halfway through. She speculated about somebody fainting, I was thinking food poisoning, but I didn't want to put her off her Chicken McNuggets! Xxxx


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