Sunday, 31 January 2016

Scavenger Hunt - January

For the first Scavenger Hunt of 2016 we may post twelve photos of our choice.
  Mine are of a recent day out in London with my aunt to celebrate her 65th birthday and retirement from nursing, a career than spanned over 40 years..... I'm afraid there are a few more than twelve photos!.

 We arrived into London at Charing Cross station so it was just a short walk to Trafalgar Square

 where we watched all manner of street artists and buskers.

 Next was St. Martin in the Fields where we enjoyed a free lunchtime concert by two renowned harpists.

The beautiful vaulted ceilings provided the most wonderful acoustics.
Afterwards we visited their Café in the Crypt for a quick cuppa.

A wander around Covent Garden followed.


 Then down to the Embankment


..... some daftness in a phone box 

and across the river.


I'd lined up a special treat at 5pm so it was back across the Thames to

 where we enjoyed the most delicious afternoon tea in resplendent surroundings.

I wondered if perhaps it would be the height of vulgarity to take photos at this rather grand hotel but the waiting staff offered to take several snaps for us and others dining were doing selfies, so I went for it.

A visit to the ladies loo before we left was a must...

where the decor was just as amazing.

We had a fantastic day in London,  I will never forget the luxurious surroundings of the Savoy and the  
exceptional service we enjoyed, or of course the delicate flavours of all the scrumptious sandwiches, scones and pastries we stuffed...or the Roederer champagne in exquisite flutes!   

Oh well, it's back down to earth and beans on toast for me. 

Huge thanks to Greenthumb at Scavenger Hunt for continuing this challenge in 2016.
Do pop by to see her blog and all the other link ups and the list for February.

 I'll leave you with a clip of the moving piece we so enjoyed at the concert.
Wishing you all a good week.


  1. I'm envious! There's so much to see in London and you've captured it beautifully - the street art, the shop, the Savoy! The cafe in the crypt looks pretty nice, too. What a wonderful day.

  2. Loving your photos. Makes me want to visit London again! The cafe in the crypt looks interesting.X

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate a 65th birthday. Everything is so beautiful; St Martins in the Fields with those chandeliers, the Savoy with that amazing afternoon tea, you in a phone box and that piece of harp music. We've just really enjoyed listening to it. Apparently Q studied that piece for O Level music and somehow I knew it because I was singing along. I think it must have been courtesy of my dad, who liked to play classical music for us. I bet that concert was just magical. I love seeing photos of you. Keep them coming! :) xxx

  4. Firstly I do like a bit of daftness in a phone box!! Thanks for the ticky tour and I say go for it with photos in posh places, especially the bathroom, pretty flash place.

  5. I've just had my dinner and I'm still drooling at the cakes! What a wonderful day out. x

  6. Oh what a most wonderful and memorable celebration! What a great day you all had ~ thanks so much for sharing all the sights, sounds and tastes! A cuppa in the cafe in the crypt, made me smile...but the tea in the Savoy had my eyes popping out... lovely music to end with. A very happy birthday and congratulations on her long nursing career ~

  7. The Savoy looks amazing! Now firmly on my must-do London list. Lovely photos to mark a very special day xx

  8. Great set of photos, what a place to visit..
    Amanda xx

  9. Can you organise my 65th birthday bash please? :-D what a gorgeous day you had and the tea looked amazing! I've been wanting to go to one of those free concerts for a while, I listened to the video, it's beautiful, lovely as always to see your photo's and you always make me laugh too. The pint of cider anecdote was hilarious and I had no idea you drove the snow ploug, there's no end to your talents! Xx

  10. What a lovely day out in London with your aunt and a perfect way to celebrate her birthday and retirement after 40 years in nursing! I've visited St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and eaten in the crypt, but tea at the Savoy must have been the best experience.

  11. I love these scavenger hunt photos. So fun. My goodness. That political chalk artist has the nicest hand printing!

  12. That looks like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Love the cheeky shot of you in the phone box and The Savoy looks magnificent! xxx

  13. HI Fiona - the tea at the Savoy looks amazing - I haven't had a day out in London in a long time.

  14. I love St Martin in the fields church. I think all churches should have shops under them. It would make church going rather more enticing! ;) xx


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