Friday, 11 March 2016

Five on Friday and The Great Chalk Paint Disaster

For this week's Five on Friday I thought I'd give you a brief summary of my week.
Reader alert...it's been an unexciting one so you are excused if you've something more interesting to do...... cleaning the lav,  for instance.

1. Jumble Sale

Last weekend there was a jumble sale nearby, so good friend Juliette and I hot-footed off to it despite the dark threatening skies.  I managed to survive the scrum at Bric-a-Brac and bought this glass ink well for 30p as I really need another receptacle for flowers....NOT.   

2. Reading 

Another jumble sale purchase was this paperback at 20p.  I'm a big fan of Lisa Jewell's books, usually about dysfunctional individuals and have read quite a few, so when I saw this one that I hadn't read I snapped it up.  I started reading a couple of days later and couldn't put it down. 

3. Washing Out at last

How sad am I? The sun made an appearance and it cheered me that I was able to get washing out on the line instead of draped all over the rads.  

4. Mortgage

Image result for images for mortgage

I managed to make a large over payment on my mortgage this month which has taken the balance under
the next big round number....a nice feeling.  With continued regular over payments I should be shot of it in a few years.

5 .Chalk Paint disaster

Some readers may remember my recently bought dresser that I featured in this post.
At that point I was umming and aahing about using chalk paint, I'd never tried it before, was it tricky? or should I use my tried and tested eggshell?  No, try something new she thought, nothing ventured etc ....
After reading lots of advice online from individuals who (mostly) raved about it and thinking surely all these people can't be wrong, I went down to the hardware shop and bought a can.

You can see the results above.  I painted on two coats mostly with a roller and then waxed as advised.
It's a blotchy mess.  The wax is sitting in all the nooks and crannies (perhaps I was heavy handed or used the wrong wax) and some of the paintwork is lumpy.  I've been scouring the web hoping to find a solution...I'm so disappointed as this dresser is perfect and I'd been after one for ages.   Will deffo be using eggshell on future pieces.

So that was my week, hope yours was better.  Wishing you all a cracking weekend. 


  1. Such a shame about the dresser. I must admit to having mixed results with the chalk paint, like you I prefer to strip back and use eggshell. I personally think you get a better finish. Love the ink well, great find.

  2. Well that looks like 50p well spent at the jumble sale. Isn't it great to be able to hang washing outside again?:)

  3. So sorry to hear about your chalk disaster... so I will not say I love to paint with the stuff ;-).
    Have a great weekend! Xxx

  4. Lucky you getting the washing hung out! Shame about the painting though. I wonder if it was the rollering somehow? No idea really though. Sorry! I hope you can figure out what to do next. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope that you have a good weekend! xx

  5. How fun to have a spot to hang clothes outside. Takes me back to my youth when I had to hang cloth diapers for my mom. Sorry about the project not turning out as you expected. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. I love a bargain so I like the inkwell/vase and I remember reading and enjoying that novel. I don't know why I haven't read any more Lisa Jewell books since then as they're entertaining. I'm sorry you had problems with the chalk paint. Perhaps it was the roller application that gave the wood an uneven surface? Some positives re. your mortgage and being able to hang out the washing because of the good weather. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  7. My efforts with chalk paint left me and the cupboard distressed but I've got used to it now! Will use Annie Sloan next time like everyone else. :-)

  8. Sorry about you chalk paint disaster, hope you get it sorted. I read the House We Grew Up in too, isn't it nice to know there are families more messed up than our own.

  9. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you can finally put washing on the line and it dries! What a shame about your dresser. I had heard great things about chalk paint too, but I will be a little wary now. Hope you have a good weekend . Barbara x

  10. Sorry to read about your disaster with the dresser. I had never used chalk paint before but had great success with Annie Sloan paint on pine furniture. No distressed effect and just used an ordinary brush.
    Val x

  11. I'm with you on the washing outside! And doesn't it smell so good when you're ironing it?
    You can go over your chalk paint with eggshell if you use Annie Sloans wax. You can gently sand out the lumps and bumps first but the eggshell should stick to the wax. Perhaps try a little area first to make sure though?
    You'll get there. Shape is everything with painting furniture and that dresser has it in spades. xxx

  12. Oh Fiona, sorry about the dresser, hope there's a way of getting it the way you want - sounds like useful advice above? Great if you could paint over the wax.
    A good feeling getting the mortgage down though - we've recently done the same, so pleased we did. Loving a bit of warmth outside too - I've a friend who's obsessed with hanging out washing. On a sunny day she's honestly on edge until there's clothes on the line, then she'll be scouring the house looking for other random things to wash.
    Bargain ink well and always grateful for book recommendations. Could do with a good read at the moment xx

  13. Oh to be mortgage free!! Tis a dream of mine, we are getting closer but not close enough for my liking. Cute ink bottle, and I do like it as a vase, of course you needed more flower receptacles.

  14. That first photo is gorgeous, loving the glass ink well!
    Great news about the mortgage, I'm so glad we escaped the shackles of ours. Life is so much easier without one. xxx

  15. Washing on the line is one of great pleasures. Or is that just me and you? Well, I'm with you, anyway. Urgh, chalk paint disaster. What are you going to do with it now? Is it rescuable? That ink well is very sweet and makes a really nice little vase. Re the mortgage: get in! Well down gel, you did well there. Xxxx

  16. Love the little inkwell vase. Shame about the dresser. I have some chalk paint to use on a bureau, but I shall definitely read up again after hearing of your woes. Keep smiling. x

  17. There is something very cheerful about washing hanging on the line.

  18. Cleaning the lav. You're such a good girl. And a busy girl! I always love your photos. Gosh, I like seeing clothes on a line. It just looks so pretty and fresh. My annoying snobby neighbors would complain big time if I hung my laundry out in the garden. Sigh....city living.

  19. Fiona

    A friend who does a lot of up cycling of furniture makes her own chalk paint. She uses 1/3 emulsion/1/3 water/1/3 plaster of paris. This is all from memory but I can check the exact quantities out for you. Shen waxes or clear varnishes the item.

    I suppose you'll just have to sand it all off....oh dear what a chore and it's such a lovely cupboard,too.


    1. Hi Vronni,
      Thanks for your chalk paint recipe but after my disastrous results with it I'm giving it a wide berth in future.
      I've sanded the dresser down and am hoping to salvage it with eggshell paint. Watch this space! x

  20. This was such a delightful post...so much so I read every word to the very end. So sorry about the chalk paint disappointment, but you found some great treasures, and who doesn't Love lowering the mortgage.
    Mary Alice

  21. You're doing well with the mortgage, well done you. Ours feels like a right bloody millstone, we need to up our payments to ever get it paid off!
    I can see why you wanted that sweet little ink well, and I am with you on the satisfaction of getting your washing outside instead of all over the radiators!
    Have you salvaged the chalk paint disaster? I expect you can sand it down and start again, but what a pain. The little dresser is such a beauty, it will be worth the effort, I'm sure. Xxx


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