Monday, 25 April 2016

Instagram Colour Lovers Photo Walk

There was lots going on last week.  Not only did we celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, it was also the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth, St George's Day, Earth Day and the 13th World Wide Instameet, which I'd signed up for a few weeks ago. (even though I'm not even on Instagram... shush, mum's the word!)

I've been reading photographer Xanthe Berkeley's blog for some years now and when I saw she was organizing a colour lover's photo walk, I jumped at the chance to take some cool, vibrant photos in hip, happening Shoreditch. 

Lots of like minded ladies and I met at the Hoxton Hotel for a quick cuppa before heading off around the local area which is awash with colour and street art.  Most of my fellow photographers were professional bloggers and Instagrammers equipped with the latest phones and cameras and to be honest I felt a bit of a fraud tagging along with my trusty ancient entry level Nikon.  Lots of techy jargon went straight over my head... 'boomeranging' and 'stride by's'...what the hell were these?  But by the end of the walk I was beginning to understand. 

 Xanthe provided some amazing colourful balloons as props and these featured heavily in the shots taken...... we created quite a spectacle for passers by to observe!





  It was a fun morning and top marks go to Xanthe, so dedicated to her craft that she stoicly removed her jacket, in what felt like sub zero temperatures, in order to showcase her gorgeous pink frock for the snaps.  Me, I kept my hat, coat and gloves on!

  Are you on Instagram?  I'm deliberating about getting involved.  I don't do facebook or Twitter, do I really need another account?  Is it easy to manage? (...for a luddite like me)   I'd appreciate any thoughts on it below.

pic courtesy of Kat Molesworth (@thatkat)

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Scavenger Hunt - March

I've been more organized this month and with the exception of two, all photos have been taken  for the March hunt, instead of raided from my archive.  Thanks as ever to Greenthumb for hosting the challenge.


My local



 A Tudor residence in a nearby village,  Lindfield, West Sussex


Street art

 A groovy hoarding in East Grinstead...not sure what's with all the specs.
   Maybe a new opticians is going up behind?


Rock stairs

Not exactly rock, (mostly concrete by the looks of them) but they probably were when the bakery in Lindfield, was established in 1796.


 Mine was under Bacofoil a couple of weeks ago.


Preparing the sauce for sticky apple puddings for lunch with a friend.


 The Bay of Biscay...taken in France last autumn.  Le large in French means the open sea.

For one

 Scraping the barrel hereI usually take a home cooked meal into work but sometimes when I can't be arsed I take a meal For One.


 I featured this view last month.... this was taken six months later.

Thanks for looking, pop over to Scavenger Hunt to see other interpretations.
Have a great weekend!