Monday, 5 December 2016

Crazy Camden

Working twelve hour days during the winter is no good for taking photographs I've found.  It's dark when I go to work, it's dark when I return.  Hence this post has had to wait until I had a day off, to snap my latest chazza scores.   But before all that, let me tell you about last weekend.

It was an early start last Sunday as I was off with a friend, to a vintage fair in the Big Smoke.   (London, for non-UK readers)   Camden was our destination and the venue of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair where none other than Kinky Melon were trading.

Vintage Vixen resplendent in 70's lurex 

 It was brilliant to catch up with Vix again and to meet Jon, her talented bloke.  I checked out their vintage stock and bought myself a gent's titfer. I also came home with this Vendéen souvenir scarf, depicting my favourite area of France, a lovely thoughtful gift from Vix as I'd admired it on one of her blog posts.

 We chatted to several traders who reported disappointing sales due to poor footfall, including this striking lady who makes exquisite cushions from vintage fabrics.

Her stitchery was impeccable.

And cop a load of this gorgeous creature who was deliberating about the fab velvet housecoat as her other half wasn't keen on it.  As for myself, I was gutted that a stunning Welsh tapestry coat that I'd tried on had swamped me, therefore my only other purchase was a £2 green scarf. 

After visiting every stall and a quick cuppa, we headed out into the craziness that is Camden
where we stumbled upon a Mad Hatter's Tea Party....
and an abundance of paintings, street art and sculptures of Amy Winehouse, surely one of  the area's most famous former residents.  

 Camden, situated in the north west of the city, is home to London's most diverse and eclectic markets, where artisans and street food traders create a youthful vibe.  We strolled into the Stables Market and wandered among the labyrinth of stalls where the convivial ambience enveloped us.

We treated ourselves to a pricey cup of mulled wine... (it was bloody good and worth every penny) before wending our way back to Victoria and catching the very overcrowded train home. 

In other news, also last week I managed to hit the charity shops.  The chazza gods were benevolent as I managed to score a Welsh tapestry waistcoat, a leather handbag and a vintage hooded corduroy jacket which although grubby, came good after a cool wash in the machine.
  The quality modern leather handbag which looks brand new, was a steal at £2 and even came with a free panty liner!

 Afterwards I dashed around Aldi to do the weekly shop and was dismayed to see aisle upon aisle of ghastly Christmas tat ....but no sodding cauliflowers! And I was intensely annoyed yesterday to hear the interminable xmas tunes had already started on the radio...and we've yet three more weeks to endure them
Is it only me, or does anyone else think...it's just too early??

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Photo

I took this photo with my phone last weekend at the Stables Market in Camden just as dusk was falling,
the colourful brolly provided a canopy above one of the stalls.

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