Sunday, 7 May 2017


Greetings from France where I'm posting from my mobile, (phone and home!) for the first time....I almost feel like a roving reporter!

The French are at the polls today and business appeared to be brisk at the village mairie where the locals go to cast their vote.  After last week's TV debate, the opinion polls suggest Macron has it in the bag, but we know how wrong they can sometimes be!  We'll find out soon enough.

I left the UK last week with a chest infection and since my arrival here have been struck for the first time ever with conjunctivitis.  What a revolting thing that is!  To say that I'm not feeling (or looking) my best would be an understatement.  I've also just discovered that I'm out of gaz and as everything closes on a Sunday at midday, there'll be no hot water or cooking for me later.

I've friends joining me shortly for an apèro....who needs gas anyway?

Santé !


  1. Sorry to hear you're under the weather too Fiona and thannkfully I don't have the eye infection (that would doom my second cataract op on Tuesday) and am hoping my cough goes soon.
    Hope you feel better very soon and enjoy the vino which should do you a power of good.
    Fliss xx

  2. Me again to thank you for your kind comment (apologies on my spelling too which I just saw and blame the dodgy eyesight!).
    Luckily we have private medical care via my hubby so it's the Brighton Nuffield. Has been a long haul though as it's 3 months since the other one was done, apparently my particular eyesight is very uncommon so special orders resulted! Unlike my 90 year old mil who had both done in 3 weeks!!!
    You take care too, Fliss xx

  3. Yes, conjunctivitis is awful, I got it once when I was on night duty.

    I hope you make a speedy recovery and have a fab time in France and in your moby...


  4. For once the polls were right! Hooray for Macron. I'm thrilled to bits.
    Sorry to hear about your nasty conjunctivitis, it really is vile. Hope you feel better really soon. Keep drinking the wine. xxx

  5. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling great, Fiona. Haven't had conjunctivitis, but it sounds awful. Hope you enjoyed that apéro, and you didn't miss the hot water too much. I got chills even thinking of it, but the weather is just awful here. Oh, and it seems the polls were right for once! xxx

  6. I hope you will soon recover, Fiona. And that you will enjoy your staying in France ...

  7. Some story, the French elections. Feel better! And enjoy your time in France, I'm heading there next week.

  8. That's so frustrating! So typical as well to get conjunctivitis when you're away. Hope it didn't affect the trip too much and hopefully it's gone now.
    Seem to be missing your posts. My reading list doesn't come up automatically anymore for some reason (probably something I've done...), but just had a lovely catch-up. Enjoyed your five on friday, sounded like a proper good week, and loved the video, hilarious! So much great material for comedians at the moment. Your french must be pretty good now, you've been brilliant about going to lessons. When are you going over in the summer? xx

  9. Honestly Tracey, I felt so bad while away the trip was a bit of a write-off, I did manage to wash the exterior of the van though which was the main reason for going. My French is still only intermediate (on a good day!)...there is so much to remember and my memory is not what it was. Going over again June, July/Aug and a quickie in Sept, how about you?


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