Thursday, 31 August 2017

Scavenger Hunt - August

I was away for last month's hunt and some of the following snaps were taken on my trip.
The challenge of finding a suitable and hopefully, unique subject is always enjoyable... a couple of them were tough ones though!


Soaking up the rays at St Gilles Croix de Vie 

It begins with an M

A Merry-Go-Round, also at St Gilles

Time for

However I was expecting something slightly more substantial than this paltry €12 platter.  
I won't be frequenting this establishment again.


 Yeah I know it's a cop out as I work at an airport but inspiration failed to arrive.

It begins with an O



 Norman, one of this year's foster cats


 This one had me stumped until an 11th hour brainwave....
the neighbours' Lacecap Hydrangea.


An East Grinstead railway bridge. I thought the mellow brickwork looked striking against the blue sky.


This was the last category to be found in my hunt and failing to find a more interesting subject means that in desperation, I am posting the startlingly obvious.... postman!

My own choice

 This scene is so typical in France.  A group of pétanque playing men measuring the distance of their boules from the cochonnet.

 Apologies for a fairly mediocre selection of snaps, I know I've said it before but I really will try to do better next month!  Thanks as ever to Hawthorn for hosting.

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  1. Lovely photos. Great whiskery whiskers

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. What do you mean better next time. They are great!!!! Another tabby cat, along with some of the other Hunter's moggies on this month. I do so miss my Tabitha, but seeing all these is lovely. Good one of the postman for letters, which I'd not thought of and I nearly put a merry-go-round too for M, until I saw the mailbox last Sunday. Thanks & take care.

  3. What lovely photographs. Great selection. I love the one of the Osteospermum - I have two this year but prefer to call them by their common name of African Daisy - reminds me seeing them grown wild by the roadside in Natal. Just noticed the postman's hi viz could almost be described as tangerine. But as for that lunch............what a rip off.

  4. Definitely agree with you, that lunch was a rip off! Love the sneaky shot of the postie :-)

  5. I love these scavenger hunt games, but I'd be rubbish! Your postie looks like mine, they could be related, and 12 euros for that plate of food, wowsers!

  6. Great photos. I really like whiskery, lace and letters. Twelve euros does seem a lot for your breakfast:)

  7. These are wonderful photos and no need to apologise for them. I wish I'd thought of some of them! Norman looks great (I like tabby cats). I'm struggling to pick a favouite but will go for It begins with O ...

  8. Please don't ever 'dis' your photos, they, plus the stories that you have put with them, are excellent - and I love that you too had 11th hour images - seems that quite a few of us were caught on the hop :) My favourite? hard to decide, I do love osteospermum, but the hydrangea is beautiful. Your lunch, however, was a tad mean on quantity for the price...

  9. It would be wonderful to have that relaxed sunbathey feel. The lunch is definitely a rip off. Insert French swear word.....x

  10. I love the one of the mailman, so obvious I never even thought of it. But then again we call them postmen or posties here. Enjoyed all your pics, in fact I've enjoyed everyone's. So much imagination goes into these posts.


  11. These Scavenger Hunts are brilliant, I love to see what people come up with. My favourites are Lace and Bridge and Whiskery, of course. I'm wondering if people come up with anything else than cats for this one ... I am quite shocked at the price of that measly lunch though. I'd call that daylight robbery! xxx

    1. Yes I guessed there would be lots of cats featured this month, it's an obvious choice. That resto has been struck off my list! xx

  12. An interesting collection :) I like your photos for 'letters', 'lace' and 'O'... that was one expensive lunch though... ouch!

  13. I love your bridge. I'll be noticing more bridges after this month's hunt!

  14. Actually, I think 'letters' is very ingenious photo- and definitely not what I would have thought to take a picture of! Norman looks a very nice cat! Lots of lovely whiskers!
    12 Euros for THAT!!?!?!? I am not surprised you weren't impressed!!x

  15. Hello Fi!

    I hope you've had a wonderful time in France in your van. I'm just back and it will take me a while to catch up with everything...

    Thank you for the hydrangea photo; I didn't know what these beauties were called but now, thanks to you, I do. And 12.00 for that platter? They didn't even give you a whole tomato! You should have named and shamed them!

    I loved the bridge photo and of course the cats were brilliant, too.

    1. Thanks Veronica, great to have you back. Hope you had a wonderful summer in your van. Looking forward to reading all about it. Xx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Always good to see a cat photo! Norman is a beaut!
    How much for that measly lunch? I won't complain about paying 10 euros for a Greek salad ever again! xxx


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