Sunday, 15 April 2012

Comfortably Dumb

I've had this weekend off and today I've been very productive. I have found a cheaper motor insurance and bought a new policy, finished decorating a photo frame for my school friend Sue's 50th, transplanted my broad bean plants at the allotment, been to a car boot (very disappointing) sowed annual seeds and made ten sweet pea 'newspaper' pots, baked a Victoria sponge and a tray of Flapjacks, phew! if I get time later I still need to mow the lawns. Do I sound like a domestic goddess? I bet Nigella doesn't get the mower out at Saatchi Towers! But then I daresay her lawn is bigger than a postage stamp.

Here is the photo frame I finished for Sue's birthday next month.



The photo was taken by my dad circa 1970, Sue and I had just won the Three Legged race at the school sports day and were being presented with our certificate by the headmistress. I'm not sure she's ever seen this photo so I hope she likes it, although her face is not visible her bunches give her away.

Yesterday I had a quick scoot around the local chazza's and found them sadly lacking. I made only one purchase, a pretty top.

£3.25 Cancer Research

I don't know about your neck of the woods but around here some chazza's are tres pricey. £6 for some faded and bobbly Primani tat! I don't think so. You can buy it new for not much more (although I would never haggle in a charity shop) so they must be losing sales at those prices. The Cancer Research shop in East Grinstead where I bought this top, is reasonable though and has some very high end labels too which understandably command a higher price.

Next up is today's boot fair find. It was a miracle I came home with anything as it was a very sad affair with only a handful of sellers and even fewer buyers, however I did find this handbag.

Boot fair 50p

The leather straps are a bit knackered but for 50p what the heck. Have nourished them with wax polish and with a bit more TLC I'm sure it will look fine.

If you're wondering what the post title is referring to...... it's me. Last week I asked the wonderfully kind knickerlicious Curtise if she could help me with instructions to upload a video, as I am spectacularly useless at any new computer stuff. She duly obliged and emailed me basic instructions in layman's terms. "Simple" I thought and following her instructions off I went to Youtube.
But bloody hell, what did I do wrong? After three abortive attempts and no vids I ran out of time and postponed it until yesterday, when 12yr old niece happened to pop by. Turns out I was right clicking when I should have been left clicking or something
, (niece rolled eyes) and then suddenly by the magic of Curtises' instructions I did it !! No doubt this all sounds rather pathetic to you, but when it comes to computers and technology in general, I am supremely challenged. But do I care ? do I ...., not until it impacts on my life in a negative way and then I might try to do something about it. My problem is I'm just not that interested. This is the person that didn't even have a mobile phone until 5 years ago, and even now days go by without me even switching it on. It is not what you'd call a state of the art model, in fact recently a young work colleague of mine asked if it had been exhibited in the Natural History Museum, ..... ha bloody ha.
So to summarise, I am happy in my techy ignorance and to those lovely people who have helped me over the years, I thank you

Gotta love Pink Floyd.


  1. Yay! It worked! It could well have been my instructions which were arse-about-face so don't fret, Fiona!
    Anyway, you did it - and a great song choice too, I rather like the Scissor Sisters' version as well for added high camp value.
    What a great idea for your friend's birthday - lovely frame and such a wonderful photo! Three-legged champions, what a team!
    I like the top and your bag very much. I'm on the look out for something gorgeous for you, I'll know it when I see it! xxxxx

  2. That is such a lovely present Fiona, I bet she'll have to dab at her eyes with a tissue! Always love seeing your chazza buys too - gorgeous bag and the top's rather sweet too - just add sunshine! (You might want to wear trousers or a skirt too otherwise there might be some raised eyebrows!) Vicky x

  3. HEY! Crochet, op shopping and FLOYD - we are going to be good friends!!

    Sarah xxx


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