Wednesday, 4 April 2012

On Golden Pond?

Hardly! I recently visited our local pond to try to capture my reflection for the latest Photo A Day challenge. Never have I seen a more murky and stagnant looking 'water feature'. There was all manner of detritus floating about on the surface, still it didn't seem to bother the ducks.

Day 1

The latest list of subjects for April's challenge.

Day 2

Day 3

I will try to cover as many as I can, as although I don't purport to be an ace photographer, it does make you think about different ways to interpret the subject and capture a shot. Not sure if I ever achieve this though!

Yesterday I got my fix of chazza shops, once again it was very disappointing and I only managed two purchases. First up was this rather gorgeous print top.

£3.50 Revive Charity shop (proceeds go to one of those happy clappy churches)

I love the colourful design of the fabric.

Can I see curtains twitching ?

Not self conscious at all then!

Dreadful photo's I'm afraid, they were very wishy-washy, I've no idea why and had to edit them to get to this standard.

Secondly, I found this Egg Cup Set which I rather took a fancy to.

£1.99 YMCA shop

Well thanks for stopping to look and read my ramblings. See you soon I hope.


  1. Wasn't my curtains twitching Fiona you know I have blinds ha ha,great photos.


  2. Really great photos Fiona and your purchases sure look like big bargains, can see why you liked them too.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. Yay, there you are again, Fiona! The print on that top is so lovely, I can see why you chose it, and it goes so well with your jeans.
    Ha! Give the neighbours a treat!
    I always like to see your photos.
    Just about to email you to say thanks for the wonderful cards and treats! xxxxxxx

  4. I love that top Fiona and it would make a great card inspiration (obsessed? Moi?!) What a bargain! And that's a cute little pop art egg set too. Your Chazza shop buys are always much more exciting than mine! Love the photos as I always do - you even give the stagnant pond a touch of mystery and the title made me giggle. Have a lovely Easter, Vicky x

  5. Love those flowers - what a great splash of springtime colour. And your new bargain top is great, too!


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