Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Another Lovely Parcel

...arrived today courtesy of the very talented Elizabeth at Making Good Use as I recently won her blog giveaway.  Look at the lovely delights found within.

A beautifully knitted beanie hat with vintage button brooch, A stripy tote bag made from a pillowcase,some pretty fabric brads, a beautiful zippered pouch with gingham lining and a hand knitted dishcloth completed with knife, fork and spoon design.  How lucky am I ?  Thank you so much Elizabeth.  I will be having my own giveaway later this year to celebrate a rather (ahem) large birthday.

Since the arrival of the previous gorgeous goodies last week, a certain moggy has taken up residence in the wrapping paper!  

Now to answer the questions mentioned in my last post which accompany the blog appreciation award kindly passed on by Curtise.


How long have you been blogging and why did you start?   
I started blogging in Sept. 2009 as I'm a papercrafter and wanted to be able to enter my cards in craft challenges.  I had no idea how to go about setting up a blog and linking etc. and very generously the super-talented Chris shared her wealth of bloggy info with me. 
What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?
Mostly craft (card) blogs, (although I am not keen on 'cutesy') second-hand/vintage and photography blogs.  

What is the one thing you'd like to improve on as a blogger?
I fear my writing style is dull and I'm not witty, erudite or articulate enough to express myself in a way that is interesting for others to read. I am better than I was but there's still a lot of room for improvement.

I had a lovely day out today at a nearby National Trust property so I'll be back soon with some snaps.
Until then, ttfn. xxxxx


  1. You are ludicrously wrong about your writing style - adore your blog because you always make me laugh in the middle of inspiring me with your crafting, your photography, your baking and your chazza finds. Please never stop blogging! Vicky x

  2. You're not dull!!! I love your writing style, it's natural and fun to read.
    Well done on winning Elizabeth's gorgeous draw, the lion bag is a beauty and your naughty moggy looks so comfy! xxxx

  3. Hi Fiona, Glad to hear the parcel arrived safely and thanks for the lovely photos you've taken of your prize.

    I think your writing style is fab - some of the things you say have me laughing out loud.

  4. I don't find your writing style dull at all. And you always have lots of nice pictures to look at, which I think is an immensely important part of producing an interesting blog.

  5. What a lovely parcel of delight! Bloggers are very generous folk, I find.
    My cats like to sit on packaging too!

    I don't think your writing is dull at all. I like blogs where your can "hear" a real voice and get a sense of personality, and your blog makes me chuckle and gives me a feel for who you are. No on eis erudite or hilarious ALL the time, that would be exhausting! xxxx

  6. DULL?! WTF?!
    *****-that's a short sharp slap for being so silly!!!
    Now,that is a glorious little bundle of handmade delight you've won!Treats!
    The bushy thing you were wondering about in my pix is an espaliered camellia!It's an odd flower,I don't especially like it,but there's 3 of them up our drive,they were there when we bought the house,and they aren't offensive enough to remove!
    I love oyu National Trust Properties,and look forward to snaps!!

  7. Dull? Not a chance!

    I am terrified that I fall into the ''cutesy', second-hand/vintage and photography blogs' category - for fark's sake, promise you'll tell me if I ever get 'cutesy'!

    Your parcel of delights is gorgeous - and I LOOOVE how cats always love the packaging!

    Sarah xxx


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