Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hello Bloggers, I'm back!

I've been away for a few days since I last blogged, I went to visit my Aunt & Uncle in Kent, I always have a lovely stay there and this time was no exception.  When I arrived, after a restorative cuppa we had a quick drive down to Hythe for a stroll along the seafront.  The weather was cold and blowy but there were a few hardy souls around, as usual I had my camera with me.  


Although it was bloody chilly I managed to force down a 99!


How windy ?? 

The next morning we were up.... late and after breakfast headed for Deal, another Kent seaside town. Some of my UK readers will remember that the Deal barracks of the Royal Marines were bombed in 1989 by the IRA, killing 11 and wounding another 21.

Deal was a delight if only for the abundance of chazza shops, sensible prices and VINTAGE stuff!!  I will show you my bargains another day as I've yet to photograph them but here's Deal.  

The shops were still in Jubilee mode


We strolled to the end of the pier for scones, jam and cream.



 before the weather got really grim...

 ...we got back to the car in the nick of time and headed for Dover.

En route we spotted these amazing poppies growing in swathes along the side of the road so of course, never one to miss a photo opportunity I ground to a halt.

And although Dover was only a short drive around the coastline from Deal, the clouds disappeared and 'hoorah' we saw the sun!!


 The White Cliffs of Dover. Cue Vera.


I think 14 snaps is a record for me, is there anybody still reading ??

a bientot. xxx


  1. Yes indeed I am still reading, and I have loved seeing your wonderful photos.
    Somehow it always seems fitting for it to be madly windy at the seaside! It's fab to see YOU featuring in some shots (looking gorgeous) and I am especially loving the poppies and the cliffs.
    Looking forward to seeing what vintage treasures you found! Nice to have you back, Fiona. xxxx

  2. Three lovely places & lots of beautiful pics & I really love the poppies. Thanks for sharing them.
    Sally x

  3. Amazing photos Fee.

    I especially love the poppies although I'm sure Kirsty would say that you should have removed the dead flower before taking the shot!!!!

    Yes I do remember Hazel, she worked in DCS and her Mum knitted a cardigan for George when I was pregnant!
    She was friends with Nicci Kearns


  4. Deal looks gorgeous, I remember it being on Location, Location and I really wanted to go.
    That vintage shop would get my pulse racing and you look absolutely stunning. x

  5. Am in photo heaven! Welcome back! Vicky x

  6. Great pics - thank you! I LOOOVE that Vintage by the Sea shop so much! And look at that - those cliffs are actually white! Sarah xxx

  7. Fantastic photos and looks a lovely place! Ice cream at the seaside is a must whatever the weather! Xxx

  8. Gorgeous pics! I especially love that one of the poppies!

  9. Yes indeed and they're all fantastic photo's, you're going to have to give me some lessons. Looks like you had a great time, definitely worth braving the weather for.

    Went to visit Mum and Dad in the Cotswolds recently and similarly there were swathes of poppies and yellow daisies that I really wanted to photograph but no where to stop safely unfortunately. Cracking pics anyway.



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