Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

Ha!  I bet that got your attentionHas anyone out there read this much discussed book which has been flying off the shelves at an alarming speed of knots?  After hearing so much hype I must confess I googled some excerpts to see what all the fuss was about, I wasn't expecting a great literary work and I wasn't wrong. A young passenger at work whispered to me that it is "quite sexual you know" and another told me she couldn't put it down and "finished it in 12 hours" but the chapters I read weren't anything I hadn't seen before and frankly I found the dialogue dull.  It seems this is a 'Marmite' book and I don't think it' s my bag, although maybe I'm being unfair as I've not read the entire thing (Wot spend £3!! Asda apparently!) but would love to know your views on it.

As for the title of the post, I was referring to the colour of the UK skies this summer of course!!

A lovely July day!

Optimum conditions have not been present here this summer for a  fabulous al fresco photo fest but I've kept calm and carried on and these are a few I've taken this week for July Photo a Day challenge.

On The Floor


 My brother's dog, Ernie


Nan's old 'Georgian' chair complete with dust!  (not sure that it is in the Georgian style but that's what she called it)


 rain damaged roses

Thanks for looking and if you're in the UK, stay dry.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, love the dusty chair and Ernie! I haven't read it and the hype's put me off. I bet it'll be in all the chazzas in a couple of weeks so I may give it a go then! x
    PS Dry? Isn't it horrible? I'm finding everything an effort today, it;s so draining!

  2. Had to laugh! I've read all 3 and you're absolutely right, although they're likeable enough characters. I really think it's the husbands who are benefiting from all the women reading these books, if you know what I mean! lol! So they can be life changing, even if not in a literary way!

  3. Smashing pics, my roses look a little sad too. That book doesn't appeal to me, probably the same reason as Vix. I'll stick to authors I'm familiar with.
    Sally x

  4. The title did catch my eye Fiona as I've read all 3 and had a conversation about them in Tesco's this morning with a rather miffed lady who found out they'd run out of the second one and wanted to know if she should read it.
    I have to say I was a tad shocked when I started reading but I did get hooked and read the lot! Sad I know but I did like them so maybe they're an acquired taste lol
    Perfect title for the sky here too as rain is imminent again - sigh!
    Hope you're staying dry.
    Fliss xx

  5. Gorgeous pics, as always. Look at Ernie's little legs - short, fat and hairy, like his namesake!

    Haven't read the book, keep hearing about it, but like Vix said, there will be a million copies in the chazzas before long (a bit like The Da Vinci Code, every chazza has to have at least one copy!) Don't think I'm that bothered about reading it really, my days of reading Jackie Collins et al for the mucky bits are LONG gone! xxxxx

  6. I love that tapestry chair! =)


  7. Like Vix, I'm waiting for it to appear in the charity shops - it surely won't be long!! Love the photo of your garden and of Ernie (what a fabulous name for a dog.)

  8. Gorgeous photos as always Fiona! I haven't read 50 shades yet but perhaps I should order them from the library... although I'm still scarred from the ordeal of ordering 'Are these my basoomas I see before me' by Louise Rennison for my daughter! Vicky x

  9. Gorgeous photos! I havent read the book yet, waiting for someone to loan me a copy so I dont have to waste my money buying it! Xxx

  10. I have in fact read that dreadful book! My friend lent it to me whilst we were travelling in the States,and if it wasn't for the S & M aspect,no notice would have been taken at all!
    Crikey you've been having some soggy weather over there!The States were having a bloody heat wave!Extremes all over the place!
    Now,it pains me that a despicable specimen like Gary put out such aweosme music in the 70's,as he is loathsome and disgusting.But he did.I try and enjoy it for what it is,and not think about him.I couldn't resist using a lyric though,as it was indeed rather apt!

  11. Hi Fiona, love your blog title... it eptimises craft rooms/ places, Fabulous photos, love Cornawall too.

    To read or not to read? I did! I am now struggling through book three, I skip most of the sex bits... I want to understand what made him that way, I don't want a repative blow by blow (oops! lol)description of the act... which ever of the many it might be
    With out the sex the story would fit in to one book which my daughter thinks was scribbled whilst the auther was on the loo!! tee hee..... but she must now be a millionare... so she's not that daft!
    suzi b :)


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