Monday, 16 July 2012


Another snap for July Photo a Day.  Red is my favourite colour, it makes me feel warm and cosy and as I am the world's coldest person I like to have this colour around me at home.  If I knew how to do it I'd make one of those photo montage thingy's of my red furnishings but I don't, so this will have to suffice.

I haven't been able to capture the exact shade of this nail polish, which is more rasperry than tomato.  This may be because I took the photo indoors as it is BLOODY RAINING AGAIN !!!!!   This perpetual precipitation is severely hampering my photographic opportunities and I think we're all going to be suffering from SAD soon due to the absence of sunshine for about a year!!
My lawn is squelchy, my veggies are yellowing and my roses are brown. 

Hey ho, I'm off to Cornwall on my holidays later this week so won't be around for a while. This is going to be a bit of a special holiday for me and I might tell you why when I get back. 

Until then, tfl.


  1. Hi Fiona
    first of all thanks for your lovely comment today, was lovely to post and have such support. Know what you mean about the veg, everything is straggly cause of the poor light and drowning in gallons of water. My peas havnt reached half way up the supports and we should have been harvesting long before now!
    Funny how colours mean different things to different people - red for me isnt safe = excitement but I make a point of having a lot of red in my life as it makes me move away from a safe but boring life! Now there's a journalpage!
    Hope you have a very special holiday
    x Michelle

  2. If you download Picassa on to your laptop you can make photo collages. It is free and very good.

    I did a photo montage for my favourite colour! It was of flowers in my garden, purple!
    Enjoy your holiday

    Take care


  3. Yep, bloody raining again here too!
    I use Picmonkey, have I already told you that? Probably. Anyway, the collage function on that is really easy, must be if I can do it!
    Hope you have painted your nails red, in preparation for painting Cornwall red too!
    Have FUN, whether indoors or outdoors! xxxxxxxxx

  4. Just wishing you a lovely holiday am intrigued as to why it;s specila...hope its GOOD specila
    A move maybe? what a wonderful place it is

    Enjoy x

  5. Yeah, I second PicMonkey, it's free and great fun to play around with!
    Have a fabulous time in Cornwall, it's got to stop raining soon, surely?! x

  6. Great photo Fiona, I always love the crispness and the great angles you get too.

    I've already got the SAD I'm sure, I'm so sick of this weather too. My garden has gone berserk and I can't keep up with it or hardly get into to it. Same here, all the flowers are rotting before they're full grown which is a shame.

    Well have a lovely special holiday and hopefully some better weather.

    Chris xxx


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