Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The F Word

I know I've been a bad blogger lately and my apologies for not visiting you all as often as usual but I've had a birthday...a bloody big one, and I had a party to organise.

Yes folks you've guessed it, yesterday I was.... (whispers) fifty!! It doesn't seem possible that I am that ancient, it only seems like the other day that I was out clubbing, backpacking and drinking for England.  How can it be that I now enjoy gardening, kicking off my high heels and slobbing around in my slippers and look forward to an early night ?  It can only be a matter of days before the dreaded post from Saga appears on the doormat and then I really will feel old.  But one cannot dwell on the negatives of getting older and I am truly thankful that I have reached this age without any serious health issues and have had a loving family around me.

Anyway here are the photo's of my 50th Birthday Afternoon Tea (sounds very posh and refined eh ?  .....not at all like me!).

The venue

Beautiful birthday cakes baked by my lovely auntie, Sam

with my oldest school friend Sue, we started school the same day aged 5.

Alas the chazza shop's were bereft of suitable frocks so I had to resort to the retail route.

my lovely family and friends

  I did miss mum hugely and thought how much she would have enjoyed it but otherwise I could not have had a more perfect day, everything went according to plan and the weather was fantastic. Really a day to remember.

Thanks for looking and hope to catch up with you soon.


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! You are such a beautiful woman with an amazing figure, wicked sense of humour and a killer smile, you'd give most 21-year olds a run for their money!
    Love the frock an the venue is amazing! xx

  2. Happy birthday Fiona. You certainly don`t look 50, I`m jealous lol.
    I got really depressed on my 50th. Didn`t mind being a forty something but 50...my god that`s ancient. What made it even worse was one of the first things I got through the post was a free sample of Tena Lady.
    Luckily I`ve got over the depression and I still don`t need the Tena Ladies rofl.
    Lynne xxx

  3. A belated Happy Birthday Fiona and I too agree that you certainly don't look it so don't even think about it as that's the best way to stay young (says she having already reached that milestone!)
    Glad you had a lovely time and that the weather behaved.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  4. Ah it's all downhill from here you know.... LOL Gorgeous pics and a belated happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Fiona!
    50? Just a number, doesn't make you any less gorgeous, sexy or hilarious!
    I am so pleased you enjoyed your party, how lovely to have so many friends and family members around. Sad that your mum isn't here to see her beautiful daughter having a fabulous time.
    You look amazing, that dress has a vintage 1970s feel to it, it suits you so well. xxxxxx

  6. Well fifty and fabulous I'd say!!! Belated birthday wishes Fiona and I'd say it looks like a perfect one. You certainly don't look fifty at all and what a gorgeous dress too!

    Hopefully the Saga mail will bypass you for a bit longer yet :D!

    Chris xxx

  7. A belated Happy Birthday Fiona! You certainly do not look 50! Looks like you had a fabulous time!

    Sarah x

  8. Fiona,you look just GORGEOUS and no where near 50!! Happy Birthday!!! Your frock is fabulous,and the cupcakes look delish! YAY for a splendid and memorable time!
    I've been getting excited about early night for years,and I'm only 45....gawd help me!!!

  9. Hey sweetie, wow, you know how to celebrate in style! What a beautiful setting for a party. And no, there is no way you look 50 - if you'd not said, we'd never have guessed. So glad you had a happy and memorable day. Hugs Sxx

  10. How lovely!

    Wish my birthday was in the summer as I'd love to do that. Tried to book a restaurant for mine and they said I'd have to have the Christmas menu!

    Only one thing though, did my invite get lost in the post?!!
    Happy birthday old girl and here's to many more

    Jaki aged 49

  11. Belated Birthday greetings Fiona & it looks like you had a wonderful day. A beautiful venue, scrummy cakes & lots of family & friends. Really lovely pics of you in your posh frock too. Thanx for sharing.
    Sally x

  12. Dear Fiona

    The venue was beautiful, the weather perfect, afternoon tea was delicious and you looked stunning (as always)

    Thank you for inviting us to share your day, and remember age is just a number.

    Eunice & Paul

  13. Sorry I missed thus post Fiona
    Happy birthday
    You look a-may zing!!! No where near 50
    Glad you had a FAB day xx


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