Monday, 24 September 2012

Festival Of Vintage

Despite the filthy weather yesterday New Man and I ventured out to the rather grandly (and not very appropriately, I thought) Festival of Vintage at Epsom.
It was buzzing when we arrived just an hour after doors had opened and jivers were in full swing to The Stylettes. 


There were stalls a plenty crammed with vintage clothes, jewellery, furniture, ephemera - you name it, it was there.  I had my eye out for some red earrings but alas they eluded me.  Being the thrifty person I am, (for thrifty read tightarse) I thought the price tags were rather inflated, so used am I to chazza and JS prices.

The queues for teas and refreshments were a mile long but it didn't bother us as we'd brought our own lunch along and ate it whilst we people watched.


 Isn't she gorgeous, but if I was into this look it would take me all day to get out of the house.  How long would those victory rolls take ? 

Other activities taking place were vintage make-overs, Make Do and Mend workshops and vintage fashion parades.  This trio named The Swinging Sweethearts looked and sounded fantastic.

Whilst strolling around I bumped into LandGirl 1980 and said hello, but stupidly forgot to get a photo. As usual she looked fabulous and received many admiring glances.  This was my token vintage look yesterday!

I couldn't leave without making a purchase and bought this scarf and 60's brooch.  I struck a deal at £10 for the two which is pricey enough but the brooch just caught my eye, and has come up a treat after the application of Brasso.

On our way out we had a quick shufty at the vintage cars, the rain was coming down in stair rods so we didn't hang around..... 

.......but on the back seat of one of the motors we saw the most vingage thing of the day!

What did you get up to at the weekend ?


Blogger has been an absolute mare today, anyone else having trouble ?


  1. If only you'd been at my vintage fair, my prices were much more realistic! How fab to bump into the lovely Landgirl!
    That skeleton on the back seat of the car's hilarious! xxx

  2. Someone obviously got tired of waiting in the queue for refreshments - good thing you took your own then, Fiona!
    It's nice to see people all dressed up in their finery, but I think I would have been window shopping rather than buying if it was expensive. Looks like a good day though, despite the rain! xxxx

  3. Love your pics, it looked like a great place to be but shame about the rain. The stuff on sale was a tad on the pricey side but I liked your scarf & brooch. I bet that skeleton was "bone dry". lol. Thanx for sharing.

  4. Those singers look gorgeous - the cars are fab - and I love the chronic bitchface lady! You look gorgeous. Sarah xxx

  5. How strange, I was at a Vintage Bazaar on Saturday in Hartney Witney, Hampshire.
    Prices were probably a bit more realistic! £1 entry for a start.
    I bought some lovely fabric, a trio of china(cake plate,jug and sugar bowl) a beautiful candle in a tiny pot. Then we went to my Godmother's antique barn where I made even more purchases. The prices there were amazing. But I think they were just for me (free!)
    Have fun


  6. This looks great fun despite the rain Fiona. Your weekends always make mine seem tedious (although this weekend I went to Oxford in the rain and bought a shirt with birds on it which was fun!) Who keeps a skeleton on their back seat?!! Vicky x

  7. I would love to go to one of these, I love vintage things, have a little antique booth in a group shop. That cream tea sign sure makes me want one. Check out my blog if you get a chance, I take photos too, and make cards. www.king-designs.blogspot.com


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