Friday, 7 September 2012

Scarves And A Scooter

Does anyone else agree that the older you get the faster time seems to fly ?   My four days off have gone by in a flash, but the sun has shone, I've had a chazza fix, lunch with a friend, lots of booze and an impromptu dog grooming session!  I know how to live!

First up are my chazza finds, readers will know that finding reasonably priced vintage clothes in the South is rare, so rare I've yet to find any....but I did score this vintage silk headscarf in my favourite independent chazza shop for only £1! 

Over the road at the hospice shop I found these bargains.

Old tin tray £1

Another silk scarf (this one's Accessorize) £1!

I did see a lovely 70's flower power bed cover, but at £15 I thought it was too pricey..... or perhaps I'm just too tight? 

On Wednesday my mate Debbie and I had a girly day out in Lewes and ate lunch in a fabulous restaurant called Bill's which had a really buzzing vibe. 

 The place was packed to the gunwales and the food a delight for the tastebuds.  We whiled away a couple of hours catching up on the gossip and family news before a wander around the shops. Lewes is a pretty town with a brewery, lovely boutiquey stores, (with prices to match) a good selection of chazza's and a prison!  

The following day over at NM's, he had to go out unexpectedly and I was left home alone with Chalky who was looking decidedly scruffy.  After a severe brushing he still looked tatty so out came the scissors and I delivered my first doggie haircut!  Chalky loved it. On NM's return I attempted to ride his old Vespa around the garden, (as you do) but the sodding clutch stuck and I almost went arse over tit.  No I was not pissed!   To avoid further injury I satisfied myself with just snapping it.

Well that's my week, back to the grind tomorrow.  By the way, did anyone watch the new Dallas?  I have to confess that Dallas is one of my guilty pleasures as I watch the old series' which continually run on CBS, and was curious to see how the new series would measure up.  JR, Baaby and Swellen are back and John Ross is now all grown up...as is Christopher who as a baby had a face that only a mother could love and is now a gorgeous hunk!  Sue Ellen's lips strangely look larger than they did 30 years ago, now I wonder how that can be?

Bye Y'all.


  1. YES! I agree;it's true! My Mama always warned me that time just runs away on you as you get older,and it is totally true......le sigh!
    Love that scarf,can't beat red/white and blue EVER,and that tray is swoon worthy!
    I want to rummage amongst those shelves....
    I used to watch Dallas and Dynasty with my Mama,but confess I am not interested in the new Dallas.

    Pleased you didn't hurt yourself on the rogue Vespa!

  2. Fab pics Fiona & what a great place to stop & have lunch. Great bargains as well.
    Sally x

  3. Bill's looks brilliant, what a fabulous place!
    That scarf is a beauty and unless you really needed a groovy 70s bed cover it does seem a lot of cash to splash on a whim!
    Loved Dallas in my youth but not interested now, I'll stick to sexy Motalbano! x

  4. Ooh that town/restaurant looks like my kind of place! And that dog looks like my kind of guy too - I do love a scruffy little terrierist. I smashed into a brick wall once on a scooter - they are death traps!!!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Looks like a most enjoyable few days off - glad you had nice weather. I have recorded Dallas, but not yet got around to watching it!

  6. Your blog is looking gorgeous Fiona - I need to organise myself to find out about those collage pics. Glad you've had a good few days but if you want time to go slower you have to stop having fun... Great chazza finds - you'll look great in that funky scarf, especially on a Vespa. (Falling off is NOT a good look however!) I loved Dallas - such drama! Can't quite summon up the enthusiam for it now though and what with Downton back at the weekend, I'm fully booked! Vicky x

  7. Lewes looks lovely, especially that restaurant.
    I like your scarves, and the tray, and Chalky looks very smart after your attentions!
    Go steady on the Vespa, Fiona, we don't want any injuries getting in the way of you having a good time!
    I watched a bit of the first episode of the new Dallas, having been a massive fan of the original series. I remember watching the first ever episode, and I've seen a few of the reruns that have been showing, it does make me laugh. But the new series? Nah, can't be bothered, and what has happened to Patrick Duffy's eyes? They bother me more than Linda Gray's lips! Xxxx

  8. Thank you for the offer of help on blogger, what the hell it's upto I don't know!
    I may still need you if I cannot remember how I did, so thank you.
    Those buy's were good, and that Vespa is fab.
    Dallas was good, it was like i had not stopped watching it. John Ross was a bad boy!!

  9. Hi Fi.
    Thank you for the offer of help on blogger, god knows what the hell's up wtih it! I might still ask for help yet, but at the mo today's photo did load but I had to go through Picassa, and not sure how i actually did it!
    Great finds by you, and what a fab coffee shop that is.
    Dallas was brilliant....it was as if it had never been off! Ha wasn't Jr Junior a bad boy!

  10. Bill's is brilliant. I went there with my Mum in MArch and their scones were amazing. It takes a lot to impress me in the baking stakes!

    Take care



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