Thursday, 4 October 2012

Are You Sitting Comfortably......?

...then I'll begin.

I've never really been big into sculpture but NM had been going on about this place he'd been to a while ago, the Cass Sculpture Foundation and was keen to take me there.  I did explain that I wasn't a culture vulture, (more of a philistine in fact) and that I thought that some of the modern sculpture I'd seen was self indulgent rubbish bought by people with more money than sense.  But do you know, when I got there I rather enjoyed it. 


Some of it was weird,

 (I thought this piece was rather Dali-esque) 

.......and some of it was futuristic,

 Nanu Nanu!

Some of it gave me the creeps,

 (These sculptures reminded me of those monsters that walked out of the sea in Dr Who.)

and some of it, I thought was ghastly!

Here are my best bits....

Oval, Peg and Penis...a snip at £2200 each!

The al fresco facilities were a delight!

I Miss You (or as renamed by me, the Marmite Jar) £65000 


These were my favourite, I love the ever changing colours and reflections.

I longed to drape myself over the sculptures (a la Helga) for you, but alas frolicking was not permitted. 

Viewing sculptures was a totally new experience for me and a thought provoking one at that, one that I didn't expect to particularly enjoy but am pleased to report that I did.  On our return we even found art in the car park!




  1. This place looks fabulous! I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end. I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the summer and had a post prepared about it, but then never used it. It's a similar place, loads of large scale pieces set in a huge outdoor space.
    I love the teepee-like structures, the futuristic ones, the holey sea creature-like piece, the figures and the egg, peg and penis! Did you buy one? And did you use the open air facilities?
    I like a bit of sculpture, funnily enough the kids do too, perhaps it's more accessible/less farty than some painting... I'm all for that! xxxxx

  2. Omg Fiona, as I am a Culture Vulture I just LOVE THIS.
    When I went to Paris I spend 7 hours in the Louvre and it was not long enough, I stood and stared at the Mona Lisa for ages. I love Painted Art more than Sculpture, but this is gorgeous too. I don't like the bloke in bed tho'. LOL

  3. Ooh I love this place! I love the anodised teepees too - and the TREE is my FAVE! Sarah xxx

  4. I absolutely love this, Fiona! The elephant does freak me out a bit but the bronze teepees, holey jar, split heads and futuristic shapes are spellbinding and thought provoking.
    We've got the Damian Hirst collection on a year's loan to Walsall. I can't wait to go! x

  5. Great pics Fiona & although I'm not a sculpture fan but I have to admit that some of these pieces do appeal to me. My faves are the modern ones with the smooth lines. I didn't realise how big they were until I saw you next to one! The prices are a tad above my budget, so I guess you won't be seeing one gracing my garden in the near future. lol.
    Sally x

  6. Am not a huge fan of modern art myself, but there's a couple of pieces there that I rather like. Don't think I'd pay £65,000 for one though!

  7. Thanks for this Fiona. Must take a trip out here. My son will love it! He's doing A Level Photography. :)x

  8. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!



  9. I'm not a great culture vulture either but some of those sculptures are lovely (not £63,000 lovely, though.)

    I remember those Dr Who sea creatures too. I think the sight of them emerging from the sea gave me nightmares for weeks when I was little!!

  10. How amazingly awesome this must be in person! Thank you for the photo tour so we can enjoy it from afar!!


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