Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hearts For Art's Sake

It's a bitesized post from me,  I've had a blogging break as there hasn't really been anything particularly noteworthy to report and there still isn't really! I've been cracking on with crafts for the village sale in December and here are the pics.

 These seem to be very popular at the moment,  I see them everywhere I go adorning all manner of objects and for silly money sometimes.  They are easily made, I can cut the felt quickly in my die cutting machine and finish stitching them within the hour. I can also make use of oddments of ribbon and my large button stash.
I'm hoping they will make me money for St. Catherines Hospice and in the meantime I'm linking them to Lakota's Wooooooo Wednesday.

 The weather hasn't inspired me to take many snaps lately but here are a couple I took for October-Photo-a-Day.



I'm hoping something monumentally spectacular is going to happen soon so I've more to tell you next time!
Ta ra  x


  1. I love those felt hearts and the Sunny Worthing picture is hilarious!
    What a shame you can't jump on a train adn join us tomorrow, I'm sure something monumentally spectacular could happen with us lot involved! xxx

  2. So you came to Sunny Worthing and forgot to pop in for a cup of tea?

    Wish I g=had a die cutting machine as cutting hearts is the one thing I struggle with


  3. Nothing much happens in my life either, but I just blog about it anyway! Anyway, you HAVE been up to stuff, you've been making and photographing and you've been to Sunny Worthing!
    Wish you were coming to Walsall tomorrow, we would have a spectacular laugh! xxxx

  4. I love working with felt,not that I have in ages! The hearts are fab,and I especially love the gingham ribbon on the second!
    Just the name Sunny Worthing gives me the chills....

    I had no idea Tory MP's liked carrots so much!

  5. Lovely heart decorations, I bet they sell out. I must dig out some felt and make some Christmas stuff, it's so nice to work with.

  6. Oh they are so lovely! I especially love the one with the gingham ribbon. Hope you make some $ for the hospice - also one of my preferred charities. Sarah xxx

  7. Love your red hearts, Fiona - they're fab little things! x

  8. Love those cute hearts, I hope they make you bunches of cash! XXX Jet

  9. Part of photography is finding the subjects and you really have a knack for that Fiona. I especially like your weather pic. Love the heart too - they are really popular and I have a bit of a thing about them myself. Red felt would be lovely as Christmas decorations. Do you really wish for something spectacular to happen? I used to but now I'm grateful when nothing out of the ordinary happens! Vicky x


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