Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post Pressies and Pud

Just thought I'd nip by to say that I hope you all had festive fun with family and friends over the last few days, the weather has been dismal but at least it did not affect our Christmas unlike so many poor souls in the West Country.

Christmas at work wasn't too bad and the company generously provided a ton of mince pies and Quality Street.  We opened our 'secret santa' gifts on xmas night, mine was a soap set and a box of chocolate dicks!!!

Boxing Day was spent at Dad's and twelve of us squashed around the table in the conservatory for a huge lunch. After which, we opened our pressies; here are a couple of mine.

I've been thinking about getting one of these for some time, and as NM kept asking what I'd like, this is what I suggested.  I need to get a recipe book before using it but I thought it would be perfect for using up all those manky odds and ends in the bottom of the fridge.

You may be seeing more of me in future as I also received one of these remote camera gizmo's for self-timer photography.  One thing that put me off taking shots of myself is all that fannying around with the self-timer, going to-and-fro like a dog at a fair. (as my Dad would say)   Hopefully this gadget will put and end to all that but I've yet to read the instructions!

Mum was in our thoughts and much missed this Christmas, especially poignant for me was eating the last Christmas Pud she made, in 2009.  Dad had laced it with even more brandy in the run up to xmas and as expected it was bloody lovely.  

Tomorrow I'm at my brother's for more family festivities with my aunt, uncle, cousins and baby, but looking forward to getting back to normal after that and scouring the chazza's and jumble sales for more bargains, hopefully.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


  1. Chocolate dicks? I bet there's never a dull moment with your work mates!
    Glad you had a good 'un, got treated to fab things and were able to share your Mum's last Christmas pud, what a lovely legacy.
    Here's to life getting back to normal soon. Something decent of the TV would be a start! xxx
    PS Yes, Manchester. Much cheaper than flying from Brum!

  2. Hi Fiona only you would get chocolate dicks!!

    How nice to have one of your mums Xmas puds I am sure she was looking down on you all as I hope my mum was too.
    Love the Nikon gizmo you will have to let me know how you get on with it and enjoy your new crockpot marks and spencer do a little book on crockpot receipes for £3.50 but try are good little receipe books
    Enjoy Chaka shopping you haven't done that for a while

    Sue x

  3. I hate to disagree with Sue, but I got chocolate dicks too! And bottoms and boobs as well. Delicious!
    It sounds like a good Christmas, Fi, despite work getting in the way, and feeling sad and missing your dear mum. How lovely to have her Christmas pud though, I bet she would have loved the fact that your dad added more booze and that you enjoyed it.
    You'll cook up some wonderful meals in your crock pot, I'm sure, will you do another Nigella-esque post showing us how? Please do! And I am really looking forward to seeing more of you on your blog, you are such a supermodel, it's a shame not to show yourself off!
    Have a great time at your brother's, Happy New Year, and maybe 2013 will involve a meet up as well as lots of chazzing and crafting and blogging - I do hope so!
    Much love to you, Fiona. xxxxxxx

  4. I use the same Nikon remote and it's super duper easy - let me know if you have any probs (but you won't).

    Happy new year!

    Sarah xxx

  5. I absolutely love my slow cooker, it's so brilliant for bunging everything in in the morning and coming back to a delicious smelling house and a nice dinner. And it doesn't use much electricity either - win/win!

  6. You got some great pressies Fiona (you decide whether choc dicks comes under that category!) and your boxing day at least sounds fun. How lovely that you got to have your mum's pud even if it was the last one and I hope you enjoyed every fingerlicking brandylicious morsel. Happy new year, Vicky x


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