Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dumplings a Go-Go

Last night I knocked up a quick card for this week's LIM challenge, the theme is FRIENDSAfter some consideration I came up with this having remembered an old brass stencil in my stash. 

I embossed the image twice, the sentiment is part of a stamp by SU that was judiciously inked.

Earlier this week my new slow cooker made it's inaugural meal, Vegetable Casserole with Herb Dumplings. the recipe came from an inexpensive slow cooker cookbook I found in The Works for £1.99.

This recipe is the easiest thing ever and so very tasty, comfort food at it's best and just the ticket on a freezing cold snowy day.  Can you believe I had got to the ripe old age of fifty without ever having made a dumpling before? I'll be certainly making more of them now though.

Did any of you smell that awful pong yesterday ?  On leaving the house I asked NM if he could smell gas, as the cat was relieving herself about six inches away on the only snow-free patch of garden, he said 'it must be cat pee.'  Ten minutes later we learned from the car radio that British Gas had been inundated with calls from the public about a strong smell of gas which apparently had originated in France and had wafted across the channel.    Quelle whiff!

Hoping to get some chazzin in later today, if I find any bargains I'll be back soon to show you.

ttfn. xx


  1. Great CAS card Fiona and love those embossed feet!
    Your casserole looks really yummy too causing a bit of tummy rumbling here lol.
    We had a mega pongy whiff here being just one road back from the sea which luckily for us disappeared after just over an hour as we then had sleet.
    My poor hubby spent over 3 hours getting home from Lewes yesterday too so he was exceedingly grumpy!
    Hope you find some bargains.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. Am a bit envious - was hoping to get out for some chazzing myself today, but hubby has stolen my car so I'll have to wait until tomorrow!

  3. Great feet! Love this card Fiona.

  4. Waw , this is a fab card. My hubby makes the dumplings for our stews and sometimes also just a flat crust of dumpling. mmmmmm xx Flora

  5. The title of your post had me thinking all sorts, Fiona - has she taken up erotic dancing, I wondered, or done a topless pin-up photo shoot? And we have indeed been fortunate enough to admire your dumplings, but the ones in your slow cooker, not the ones in your bra! (Honestly, I get more like a Carry On character every day, I do apologise...)
    Your casserole and its dumplings look very tasty, so does the lovely card, and the snowy pics are gorgeous.
    No whiffy French gas up here in Yorkshire, just that which emanates from my partner and son!
    Hope your chazzing trip is successful. I have been restocking my madly-growth-spurting eldest daughter, found lots for her and NOTHING for me - not fair! xxxx

  6. Yes I bloomin did! I have a large and effective nose and my husband says I can smell a bonfire before it's lit! We are thirty miles north of London though...!?
    Your card is beautiful! And you're never 50! What face cream do you use please? x

  7. Love my slow cooker, love my dumplings.
    My nan was from the north so we always had dumplings!
    The soup we had when you came for lunch was made in the slow cooker as I recall. You can put porridge in it overnight and in the morning, bingo! Well porridge actually. And rice pudding and boiled bacon and whole chicken.......


  8. Dumplings! Show us yer dumplings!
    My Mama used to make a lamb shank casserole in her slow cooker in the 70's, and the dumplings looked very much like this! I haven't tried many meals in mine, aside from bean based ones, but I do have a recipe that has the same dumplings in one of my books, I think, so I must try it! Fine looking grub! Marvellous invention, slow cookers!
    Gas is the most revolting smell, makes me quite nauseous!

  9. Love your CAS card and a great embossing effect too! Never made a dumpling eh, that'll be why you're so slim :D! Very nice it looked, right up my street kind of food. Thanks for your lovely comment earlier, much appreciated. Hope you managed to do some chasing, if you see any hard backed dictionary's in any of them your way, can you give me a shout, they're like hens teeth down here. Xxx

  10. Fabby card Fiona, love the feet.
    I can`t believe you`ve never made dumplings before. Can`t beat a big bowl of stew and dumplings at this time of year.
    Lynne xxx

  11. Your card is amazing Fiona, and your dumplings looks awesome, if you don't mind my saying so!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  12. What a beautiful card. Can't beat dumplings on a cold day lol. I bought a lovely Peruna cardie Saturday in a charity shop for a fiver - bargain x
    Pam Mc xxx

  13. Mmmm, I can almost smell the casserole and dumplings. 'Easiest thing ever' sounds like my kind of thing - any chance of a recipe? Love your embossed friendly feet - this is such a 'you' idea! Vicky x

  14. fiona this is just so sweet!

    Thanks for joining us
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  15. Perfect card ... just love it! The dumplings and casserole look yummy ... and there's no smell of gas here ... must all be there! Anita in France :)

  16. A fabulous CAS card. Your veggie casserole is great winter comfort food.

    Thank you for my parcel of goodies that arrived yesterday. Plenty of new 'toys' for me to play with.

    Kath x

  17. No French gas here, probably wouldn't notice it with the stink from the town centre drains!
    Smashing card and very tasty dumplings, too. Can't beat The Works for a good recipe book! x

  18. Just wondering what you were thinking about with the positioning of the feet Fiona lol..

    Lovely card and the dumplings look very tempting.



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