Monday, 25 March 2013

Beady Eyed

Stap me vitals! I just can't believe how long this winter is dragging on.  The temperature here down south has not crept above zero for a few days now and snow is ever present in the air.  What's a girl to do on her days off but stay in the warm and craft.

This week's challenge from Less Is More is USE BEADS!  Blimey, not the easiest or most popular of challenges judging by the comments I've read but after scraping together the few measly beads I've had in my stash since time began, I thought I'd give it a crack.

 I scored a border around the card and made the owl with various punched circles, I added a computer generated sentiment and 'beady' eyes.  

Changing the subject completely now, here are last weeks chazza scores.

  Tea towel 1981 75p
 (completely on the wonk but didn't notice in the shop as it was folded in half on a hanger.) 

Scarf 75p

I've got a crafty idea for something else later, so if all goes to plan I may have another creation to show you tomorrow.  Can you stand the excitement?



  1. Am loving your card what a cool idea. Those eyes made from beads are just brilliant. Love the colour of that scarf :)

    I had a few days off and the snow hit, was the perfect excuse to stay in my craft room. Loved every minute of it :)

  2. A wonderful creation - such a cute owl - love those beady eyes. Lynn x

  3. Brilliant card Fiona!

    Love the scarf too!

  4. Love the beady blue owl, your cards are amazing!
    Bought a similar kind of tea towel recently with the sights of Belfast on it - send any I find to my sister who makes great bags out of them.
    Looking forward to the crafty reveal!

  5. Just love that card Fiona. Such a fabulous idea and the owl is so cute.
    Great chazza bargains too even if on the wonk lol
    Freezing down here too and I'm fed up with washing the winter woollies as they take an age to dry!
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  6. Fabby Owlie!!!
    Snow nearly all gone here - but freezin' cold.. got me thermals on! (I know - too much information.....)

  7. What a fabulous owl, he's lovely!
    No sign of the snow going here, it was still at it earlier. xxx

  8. LOVE that owl, Fiona!! brilliant card!

  9. This is so beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  10. Your 'crack' at this challenge is pretty spectacular Fiona. It's a really cute owl and the use of beads is fab!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  11. LOVE the owl card - just showed Littlest and she is very taken with him, of course!
    Nothing wrong with a wonky tea towel, and the scarf is very pretty.
    I am very very fed up with the snow now. It's suppose to be Spring, for God's sake! xxxx

  12. Fiona, I love your darling owl!! Super cute card this week!

  13. i love your owl. its fab

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  14. What a fun, fab design - love that gorgeous Owl!
    Sylvia xx

  15. Hi Fiona, You have been busy since my last visit lots of lovely sewing and crocheting going on, very clever! I can't sew for toffee so I am impressed :D
    This little owl card is magic, I love that he's made out of circles how clever is that!! Gay xx

  16. Inspired and such fun, Fiona, such a cute owl! Anita :)


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