Wednesday, 10 April 2013

London Calling

On a grey Friday morning last week Dad and I took the train up to London principally to see an exhibition of Norman Parkinson's  work at the National Theatre.  While we there of course, we took in some of the sights.  (Jacko if you're reading, please note one of your 'Gonad' trees in the top pic!)

 After visiting the exbition (more about that in a future post) we walked along the South Bank.  Stupidly I hadn't even thought about the Easter holidays when planning to go and it was even busier than usual  but this didn't spoil the enjoyment of our stroll where every couple of steps along there was another street performer or attraction to behold.

This unicyclist had just extricated himself from an unstrung tennis racket which he'd placed over his head and amazingly squeezed around his torso.

 After a spot of lunch and a delissimo carafe of red at an Italian restaurant we walked towards Trafalgar Square where we encountered Tamils demonstrating......

......and then on to Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, down Regent Street and on to my desired destination Oxford Street, or more specifically Selfridges.


It was a quick visit for a solitary purchase of a Suquu eyebrow pen, (a great product which is only available there or online as far as I know  Dad was keen to make a quick getaway from the Selfridge splendour but the Suquu stand was right opposite the Creme de La Mer counter so I waved a £190 60ml pot of this product around and said "I bet you can't guess the price of this?"  After some derisory guesses from him a well groomed male assistant politely asked "Can I help you Madam?" 
Instead of replying 'not today thank you' I  said "Oh, I was just telling my father the cost of this creambut I think I'll be buying my moisturiser from Superdrug, thank you."  He did have the good grace to laugh, lets face it I hardly looked like his usual type of customer did I ???

I thought the famous window displays were a bit disappointing on this occasion and all featured shoes and a fairground theme.  Not a great subject for a good snap plus the reflection from the window made it difficult but I quite liked this one of these fab Jimmy Choo's.

If you're interested in photography, pop back soon to hear about the exhibition.

Thanks for coming.


  1. What a fab day out with your dear Dad. You certainly crammed a lot of stuff in, didn't you?
    Love that reflection of you in your cerise beret and scarf in the window, you look every inch the lady - only one with more sense than the idiots who spend the equivalent of a weekend away on face cream - suckers! xxxx

  2. A grand day out, Fiona!
    Love all the pics. I do enjoy the street performers on the South Bank, such fun to watch and marvel!
    Great seeing your stylish reflection in there too. Those Jimmy Choos would match your beret, but I dare say they are out of most people's price range, along with face cream costing £190 a pop. Really, how bonkers is that?! xxx

  3. What a day - fabulous! Great photos Fiona! Can't believe the price of some cosmetics - Superdrug for me too!

  4. Looks like a fab day out. And those Jimmy Choos .... love 'em!

  5. My lovely gonad trees in their winter plumage!



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