Saturday, 22 June 2013

Croatia Part Two - Dazzling Dubrovnik

  I did threaten promise to show you the remainder of my holiday snaps in my last post so if you can't handle a picture heavy post and a history lesson, look away now!


Halfway through our week we caught a ferry to Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 45 minutes away.

We spent a day in the old walled city which was absolutely fascinating.  We couldn't possibly have visited all the museums and churches in one day but we walked the entirety of the wall which encompasses the old city and takes about an hour and a half.

We were advised to time our arrival before the cruise liner passengers who descended in their droves at midday.  But even early on the city walls were full of activity with tourists of various nationalities jostling for position for the best camera shots.  


There are hundreds of steps around the circumference of the city so I was glad of a breather every now and then. I found it amazing that the people who live within the city walls carry on their day to day lives with all the tourists gawping at them daily.



 After completing the city wall circuit we stopped for a restorative beverage and then went in search of the cable car which travels up Mount Srdj, the defence point of Dubrovnik during the Croatian War of Independence.

I can't ever remember travelling in a cable car before and I must admit that looking down was a mistake, but I tried to concentrate on the scenery and thought how cleverly they'd colour co-ordinated the cable car with the rooftops below.  The cable car was completely destroyed during the war and was only restored in 2010.


At the summit there's a War Museum in the Napoleonic Imperial Fort. Unfortunately we did not have time to view this, but I remember well the nightly news bulletins during the 90's reporting on the atrocities.

Dubrovnik Old Town was attacked by the Yugoslavs People's Army in 1991 with a siege that lasted seven months.  During this time artillery attacks damaged about 50% of its buildings.  Following the end of the war the damage caused by shelling was repaired in the original style but some evidence of damage can still be seen. 

  After our descent we headed back to the harbour to catch the ferry back to the hotel.  As we arrived on the waterfront we noticed a crowd gathered around and wondered what was going on. Mrs Nosy Parker managed to get a photo. 

It was a lovely happy moment to end a brilliant day.

Now back home I'm well and truly out of holiday mode and this morning thought I had been transported back to November as I woke to lashing rain and howling winds, just the weather to stay at home and craft.  Here's what I made.

I punched two squares in a Post-it to form a rectangular aperture and then sponged a background through it onto cream hammered card stock.  Stamps are Wetland Border by Memory Box, birds by Crafty Individuals, the words are part of a sentiment by Woodware. 
I'm linking this card to  

I'm off to finish a crafty makeover now which I'll show you soon.  Have a great weekend wherever you are.


  1. Lovely photo's Fiona brought back lovely memories of our trips to Dubrovnik (as dreaded cruise pax lol) It's wonderful how they have rebuilt the place but such horrors of the war that took place.

    Love the card.


  2. Somewhere I'd really like to visit - love your photos, especially the rooftop ones, hadn't realised they'd rebuilt/repaired so much of the city.
    Looked wistfully at the blue skies too, such a misery of a day here - perfect for craft, and your card is gorgeous! x

  3. Love the pictures and your card is awesome - love the clean and simple stye. Saw it on MIM. Deb

  4. Such a sweet, simple, card Fiona - thanks for joining us at Just Add Ink this week. Your photos of Dubrovnik are AMAZING.

  5. A very interesting post and I love your scenic card. xx Flora

  6. Fabulous photos of Dubrovnik, having been on a cruise once I can appreciate the effect of the ships arriving in port. Must admit I will try it again sometime but cruising does have its drawbacks, namely the number of people who arrive in one go.
    Like the way you have used a square punch to make the rectangle aperture for your card and the way the birds are stamped outside the box. Lovely note card.

  7. Wow, looks like you had a fabulous time away. Love your card too! Hugs Bev x

  8. Wow - I loved your holiday pic's - looks like a fabulous trip. Beautiful card too. Simple and stunning. Chantell JAI

  9. Lovely photographs! You're a brave woman getting into that cable car! Mind you, you must have a head for heights as you work in aeroplanes don't you?
    Such a sweet card. Do they take long to do? xx

  10. Lovely photos and I really enjoyed reading about your experience of Dubrovnik. I think they have done a wonderful job in restoring such a special place.

    We walked the walls in the early evening and at one point everyone stopped in their tracks as the most heavenly sound of a choir singing in one of the monasteries floated up to us. It was magical. xx

  11. You've certainly succeeded in selling Croatia to me, it's absolutely gorgeous and your photography skills are fantastic.
    Love the lady in traditional dress with her embroidery and the glimpse through the window is worthy of a postcard. xxx

  12. O my GOURD I so want to go to Croatia!!! How very gorgeous it is!
    Such a glam place for a holiday, hurrah!
    No, you weren't sounding like a lezzo slut, you'll have to try harder!!!!

  13. Oh what stunning photos, Fiona - I SO want to go! The terracotta tiles of the roofs against the blue sky are just beautiful. That cable car looks great (albeit in a rather scary way) and I am glad to hear a lot of the damage has been repaired.
    Pretty card too. xxxx

  14. You're doing a great job as the Dubrovnik tourist board Fiona - it looks amazing! As does your card (hope you like my seamless link there!) It has a purity about it that I love. Vicky x
    PS Thanks for your support about my sewing accident!

  15. After the joy of seeing your Dubrovnik pictures, Fiona, I scrolled down to see the rest of your holiday ... and was treated to (among other things) the delights of slag and bumm ice cream ... were there any other flavours???

    Gorgeous card, love the background inking ... it's so serene and calm! Anita :)

  16. So pretty in it's simplicity! Thanks for playing at JAI this week.

  17. Wow!! What gorgeous photos. Your card is just stunning. I love everything about it!

  18. Lovely CAS card and love your holiday photos too. Thanks so much for playing along with us at JAI this week.

  19. Your card is so elegant and your pictures are marvelous!!

  20. Gorgeous photos and an interesting post. This place will go on my list! I'm really impressed that you limited your holiday posts to two - after a week in Pembrokeshire last August I made about 9 blog posts about it all with many, many photos, lol!


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