Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I've Got Plans For Yew

Apologies for the appalling title, but I couldn't think of anything better.  I was chuffed to bits last week when I found this perfectly sized small.. (sideboard sounds a bit grand) cupboard for my kitchen/dining room.  I've been scouring chazza's, auctions and junk shops for months to no avail when I suddenly remembered a furniture recycling centre near my Dad.  I couldn't believe my luck when the first thing I clapped eyes on was this.

For a change I had remembered to take along my tape rule and once measured I snapped it up for the bargain price of £20.

It's quite scratched and a bit knackered but I've been reliably informed the Yew veneer is suitable for a paint job, so all being well, watch out for the big reveal.

I've been working on something else recently - a peg bag.(can you contain your excitement?)  My previous Poundland peg basket had disintegrated and as you can see, a replacement was urgently required. How hard could it be ?

After googling a few 'Peg Bag' tutorials I cobbled this together with some left over curtain fabric, random buttons, ribbon and a coathanger. 

Whaddya reckon ?  I'm never going to be a contender for the Great British Sewing Bee but it can't look that bad as I've already got an order for another one.

I'm linking to Magpie Monday and Op Shop Show-Off.  So come on, what bargains have you found recently and what have you made ?  Do tell.



  1. Love the "sideboard" Fiona and good job with peg bag.


  2. Your peg bag is utterly adorable, Fiona! Well done!!

    As for the yew, I (of course) LOVED the title of your post, and am besotted with the wonderful cabinet you found, just as it is. I love all the hues and warmth and angles of the piece. I'm sure I'll love it painted, too, but if you decide against, it's simply gorgeous in it's scratched and knackered state!!

  3. Snigger! YEW are a clever one!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your score, she's a beauty! I quite like a bit of pre-loved damage...
    Fabularse peg bag! XXX

  4. I get so excited when I see before and after furniture, so don't delay Fiona! The peg bag creation is gorgeous and will make hanging out the washing a more appealing task (I hate this job!) You're definitely more of a contender for the GB Sewing Bee than I am unless of course they're looking for people to sew through fingers... Vicky x

  5. It has a yew veneer? I wonder if thats quite rare, ive never heard of yew furniture before! Its a lovely thing-what kind of paint job are you planning? Ace to have you linking in fiona x

  6. lovely sideboard. I find an apron works wonders for pegs as well.

  7. What a lovely little sideboard/cupboard/whatever we call it! And a great bargain. I like a bit of wood that looks like wood, myself, but if you are painting it (with Emma Kate's very experienced advice!) I know it will look amazing.
    I need a new peg bag too, you've inspired me to make one - can you send me the link to the tutorial you used? Thanks, love!
    Done some good secondhand shopping this week, so yes, found a few bargains! xxx

  8. That sideboard is perfect. I've been looking for a small one for on the landing to put all the towels in. You are right, small ones are hard to find. Looking forward to seeing your paint job.

    That peg bag looks mighty professional! xxx

  9. Am impressed by your peg bag skills. Mine disintegrated recently, and I got my Mum to make me a new one, as I'm the world's worst needlewoman!

  10. Oh dear - you are putting me on the spot!!! Well I am posting a new blog post tomorrow - used my own art and pictures my husband took. Does that count!!


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