Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Birthdays Are No Picnic

I've been away from the keyboard for a whiledid you notice ?
Since my last rambling I've had another birthday!  I received lots of lovely cards.......

 and beautiful gifts......

  and went to a very posh hotel down the road for afternoon tea and a glass of Bolly.  

Also came the long awaited family reunion picnic which was held on Ashdown Forest. The last one was over thirty years ago and rellies came from far and wide to meet distant cousins some, who hitherto knew nothing about each other.

Cousin Ian  came up trumps and arrived in his 1924 Buick which he's been restoring for.. well, as long as I can remember!

The workmanship on this exquisite vehicle is impeccable and deservedly so, it drew lots of admiring glances from passers by.

Dad showed off his family tree

and Ernie

 had a lovely time chasing the 'gizmo'.

The family picnic was pronounced a great success, will it be another thirty years before someone organises the next one?  Will I still be quaffing cider if I make it to 81?  I bloody hope so!
The nights are drawing in and summer is almost over, what have you been doing with yours?


  1. Happy belated birthday Fiona! What an enormous family you have! The white flowers are stunning. xx

  2. Happy Birthday, Fiona! Loved the birthday card! What a fun family reunion your family had ~ We're having one in Nova Scotia next year. That 1924 Buick is gorgeous. I just got back from Reno where Hot August Nights was being celebrated. Your Cousin Ian's car would have fit right in with all the wonderful classic cars! Take care!

  3. Happy Birthday! That card is fabulous! (Does spinach and ricotta cannelloni really have that effect? Hey, cheaper than oysters and champagne!)
    Yes, I HAVE noticed you've been away, and yes I HAVE missed you. What a wonderful family gathering, and my goodness, that's a smart car!
    Isn't Ernie adorable?
    What I've been doing is all over my blog - what I'm planning is in an email! xxxxx

  4. A belated Happy Birthday from me too Fiona and that's a very amusing card!
    Glad to see you had a great family outing and Ernie is so cute - very like a certain dog on the box who is adorable and a better actor than the humans!
    Fliss xx

  5. Family picnic looks amazing fun, and that car is gorgeous - did you all get a ride in it?! x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, babe! that card is fabulous, I knew there was a reason Jon always requests veggie cannelloni for tea!
    I loved seeing the family get together, that's an impressive showing and the car is amazing!
    Your Dad's rather handsome! xxx

  7. Well it looks like a very grand day out! Glad you had a great time and belated happy birthday! Chris x


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