Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Thousand Rainbows

It's raining again, so I had time this morning to make a card for this week's LIM challenge which is ONE LAYER, GET WELL SOON.  Initially I didn't read the brief properly (typical me) and thought I'd do this uber-quick fun idea which I'd seen somewhere on the interweb.

Then I realised it was supposed to be a one layer card and came up with this one. 

I used a new stamp from Woodware, it's one of those 'profound' ones (or should that read pukey?) but I thought it could be suitable for someone who's feeling rough. I suppose if they were feeling really shit they might just hurl it back at me across their sick bed. Yeah....the recipient will have to be chosen with care.   

I made a heart shaped mask with a die and sponged the sky and rainbow with various distress inks.  My cloud mask was made with a die from Joy Crafts.  I don't like this card much, (in my head it looked different!) it resembles something from a Disney shop especially with the saccharin sentiment but as I didn't get any smudges on it (my usual trick) it's getting entered, OK? 

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I've just been round the local vintage shops and chazza's...not a thing to be had, most disappointing!  Although I did want to try on several items in BHF (prices now much more reasonable, perhaps sales were suffering???) but I think the person in the changing room must have died and after nearly fifteen minutes waiting to get in there I abandoned the idea, and proclaimed in a loud sarky voice 'I haven't time to be waiting here all day!'   It probably fell on deaf ears anyway.  So as there's nothing to show you, instead I'll treat you to a glimpse of my latest crochet project.

After I finished the Oxfam baby jumper I wasn't going to start anything new as I'm still wading through granny squares for a blanket but according to the girls at Stitch & Bitch, they have anything up to ten projects on the go at one time! I was getting  bored with the small granny square blanket and have mum's wool stash to use, so started a big one which once completed will go to the hospice.  

Exciting stuff eh ?

I recently received a complaint that I'm not posting enough. I did explain that my life has been dull, dull, dull lately and I have no wish to bore the proverbial pants off my readers, but there is something on the horizon which I'm very much looking forward to, a bit of an adventure really.

More excitement now...cherry buns for tea. Hooray.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


  1. I like your heart get well card-your masking is great and I think it is a fab sentiment to cheer up a poorly soul. Thanks for joining us at ATCAS X

  2. Great cards and very brave to be able to show a pic of the inside of your oven!
    The cakes look yummy!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. Both of your cards are great and one so different from the other - clever.

  4. Your cards are always lovely, Fiona. Like you, I struggle not to roll my eyes and giggle at the whole positive affirmation thing, but that's cos I am a cynical old bag! The image is gorgeous though.
    So you are cracking on with the crochet, that's good. I can't be arsed hanging about waiting to try stuff on either, I have been known just to change my mind and put it all back, which is probably a sign I didn't want it in the first place!
    You post when you feel like it, darling, it's your blog. Although it is always good to see/hear what you've been up to. I haven't usually done much either, which is why I end up wittering on about words for genitalia and swearing too much.
    Yes - adventures on the horizon, and buns for tea, it's all good! xxxxxx

  5. Hi Fiona,

    I like the way you got us all excited and curious about your "adventure" and then left us hanging! When are you going to spill the beans and put us out of our suspense???

    I love the band aid card, it is simple and sweet and cute (and something I could make - which makes me like it even more!)

    I hope you're well and I'm looking forward to reading all the goss on your adventure x

  6. Ooh, cherry buns would certainly be exciting in this house. As would the sight of me actually baking anything!
    The card with the plasters is so cute! That would make anyone smile. Enjoy your Sunday. x

  7. That plaster card is the best get well card I've ever seen - I'd definitely buy that in a shop, it's guaranteed to cheer anyone up!
    You don't post often enough, I'm always happy to see your blog pop up in my reader and I'm VERY excited about your adventure! xxx

  8. What an interesting post .
    Love both cards and the yummy cupcakes too.
    Thanks for sharing on Make it Monday .

  9. I love both your cards!! The band-aids are so cute, lol. Thanks so much for playing along at ATCAS xx

  10. I love that first card - that even looks something I could make! Mine would probably also have loads of glitter as well - just what every sick person wants - glitter all over them!

    That blanket is gorgeous - how nice you are making it for the hospice. I know some people who have multiple projects on the go and I just cannot wrap my head around it - I MUST finish one before I can start on the next. I am too easily distracted!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Two great cards Fiona but the plaster one gets my vote - I'd buy that!

    Your crochet looks fab and so does your baking!

  12. I too fell victim to the OLC! Great plaster card but the rainbow one is so beautiful so glad you got to make that too.

  13. The fact is Fiona that even when your life plods your writing style makes it a great read - so carry on with the cherry buns I say! Can't wait to hear about the 'adventure' even if it's cleaning out the fridge a week Saturday! Love both cards, the googly-eyed plaster one is fun but I also like the rainbow one and any of your friends would have a laugh imagining your sarky voice uttering the sentiment! Vicky x

  14. Love the plaster card with the googly eyes. That is perfect. The cherry buns look pretty good too...

    What's all this about an adventure? My antennae are bleeping. Adventures are good. xxx

  15. How cute! both of them! For our ATCAS challenge it was not supposed to be one-layer. Just wanted to let you know ;)
    Thanks for playing along!

  16. Those little googly-eyed band aids!


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