Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gusset Grief and Other Ramblings

I don't know why but I'm feeling rather happy this week.  It can't be the weather because that has been pants, it might be because I did a short shift last week and had more days off as a result or it could be because........I've got a new pair of boots.  

Do you want to stroke them?

They were more than I like to pay but I got them at work so paid the tax-free price which was some consolation, and they will last me for years... won't they???  They bloody better had!  I have great trouble finding footwear that's comfortable and my general rule of thumb for buying boots is.. if I can get my bunion afflicted trotters and fat calves in - GET THEM!  These are perfect for everyday wearing with skirts and opaque/woolly tights but why-oh-why after thirty minutes, is the bloody gusset halfway down my legs?  'Tis most vexing.  I'm not short nor tall and the tights are my size so why does this happen....is it just me or does anyone else have this dilemma? 

* I did take a snap of my saggy gusset but out of respect for my readers have refrained from posting it *

Apart from the boots, a couple of other things put a smile on my face at work last week.  I saw Bob Geldof stop to read a text, he was singing away to himself. I didn't recognise the tune, it certainly wasn't I Don't Like Mondays.  The other nice thing was when I greeted an older gent of sartorial splendour and he doffed his trilby at me.  It struck me as a rather old-fashioned but lovely gesture, something not seen often at all nowadays.  Would you have been offended by it?  Are you annoyed if a man holds a door open for you ? Do you find it sexist or belittling? Personally I think these are examples of courteous behaviour, perhaps staunch feminists would disagree.

It's been a dry, fair day today so I took the opportunity to whizz over my lawn with the Flymo, the garden has taken a battering recently from rainfall of monsoon proportions but there are still a few blooms remaining.


Back to work tomorrow followed by a meal at the curry house to celebrate the fourteenth birthday of my niece. Prawn dhansak... bring it on!  

Have a good weekend


  1. Oh you make me laugh! But I'm going to check out those boots. I have 'fat calves' so often have a hard time finding boots to fit and those are gorgeous! As for opening doors, I think it's polite regardless of gender. Thanks for making me smile!

  2. Prawn dhansak, mmmm....
    Sorry, momentarily distracted by the thought of food.
    I am loving the new boots, and yes, I do want to stroke them, I don't care how much of a perv that makes me sound! I do think that a well-made pair of boots, which work with lots of outfits, fit well and are comfortable, sound like a very good investment.
    Tights. Completely unpredictable, I find! Primark tights are rubbish, I made the mistake of buying some and they descended past my bum in a most alarming fashion. A long body section is good, but you don't know what they're like till you wear them, do you? So no - it's not just you.
    I consider myself a good feminist but have no problem with polite gestures, from men or women. Holding doors, general courtesy, these are Good Things. I don't think I have ever had a man tip his hat to me, it sounds rather lovely!
    I've still got some roses just about hanging on in the garden, they're beautiful AND tough! Have a good night out and a great weekend, make the most of the happy feeling, Fiona! xxxxxxx

  3. your saggy gusset conundrum made me smile, just so annoying and puts me off even trying, though love a skirt, tights, boot combo. And talking of boots, your new ones are beauties! They will last for ever and ever and ever. Definitely.
    I'm all for a little old fashioned etiquette too - don't expect it, but appreciate a door being held open and the like. My husband is ultra keen on manners and even insists on walking on the outside (roadside) when we're in town. Took me by surprise the first time and he tripped me up. Got the hang of it now!
    Hope you have a great weekend x

  4. Those boots are gorgeous? Ugg? Really? I thought they only made those hideous slothery things the chavs in velour tracksuits shuffle around in at the airport. I love them. Whatever they will make everything feel and look brilliant!
    I hate those kind of tights. Mine always seem massively long in the body but act like a bra in the winter 'cos they cover my boobs!
    It's not sexist, is it? Just politeness. I hold the door open for everyone, male or female and expect the same back.
    Hope you enjoyed the prawn dhansak. xxxxxxxxx

  5. I love the boots, but I too hate tights that travel downwards, I never seem to have been able to get tights that are long enough for my legs. I'm not particularly tall, but the tights always seem too short. Your garden pictures are lovely.

  6. new boots always make me smile as i'm so fussy it's not often I find a pair I like! Haha the gusset photo woul be funny, but how do you take a photo of your gusset....! :)

  7. Yup - I'm with the other ladies: politeness from either gender is a lovely thing. And I know exactly what you mean about tights - I think it must be those slim hips Fiona! The boots are fab and very stroke-worthy and funnily enough those are my boot-buying criteria too! It's nice to hear that you're feeling happy - whistle a happy tune for me too. Vicky x

  8. Politeness and courtesy are wonderful, whatever the provenance, but I have to confess to a real soft spot for older men who are real gentlemen. Reminds me of my dad.

    The boots are fab, I like the vignette of Bob Geldof singing to himself, and the meal out tomorrow night sounds great. Enjoy! xxx

  9. Ooh lovely boots Fiona! I was also surprised to see they're Uggs.
    I once saw Sir Bob in Harrods getting quite irate as they had sold out of Teletubby dolls a few weeks before Christmas. MANY years ago! He wouldn't take no for an answer and I felt sorry for the toy dept manager! Have a lovely weekend! xx

  10. Hope the dansak was good, it's my fave as well. Love the boots and they will last for years :-) I'm sure. You aren't alone with the gusset problem and very aggravating it is to! Chris x


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