Saturday, 19 October 2013

Model Behaviour

I met up with the Gatwick Handling girls for lunch on Wednesday, so what to wear on a cold, filthy, pissing-down-with-rain sort of day.   

Cardi - jumble sale 50p, French Connection grandad shirt £3.50 - charity shop, Tartan skirt- Cow (Birmingham)

I'm no good at this posing malarkey, does Cara do it like this ?
Once I'd selected my outfit I was off to Brighton (stopping en route to pick up 'Mummy') for lunch at Samyo's place where we reminisced and swapped airport gossip.  Sam, an accomplished cook had prepared the most delicious soup and this hazelnut meringue, which we demolished with gusto.


After lunch we had a nosy around her log cabin at the end of the garden, the location of many a raucous party or two.

L-R Smiffy, Mummy, Samyo
(It's much easier being behind the lens.)

Pampas grass in the garden...........??????  Surely not Samyo... and I thought you were such a nice girl .

It was great to see the girls and lifted the spirits on such a miserable day. 

 Now I'm back to work and have two night shifts ahead, but I had time today to knock up a quick card for this week's challenge at Less Is More where the theme is Trees. 

I used a stamp by Inkylicious, sponged the sky with two shades of blue ink and tried to graduate the colour although it's not terrible noticeable in the photo.  I masked a moon with a punched post-itcoloured snow with watercolour pencils, added glitter and die cut snowflakes to one side.  This card was salvaged, but I was determined to add it to my slowly growing pile of xmas cards.  I cut the aperture weeks ago and slightly marked and dented the cardstock on one side, hence the snowflakes... a cover up job.  I'm pleased I managed to save it, but not sure if it needs to be balanced with snowflakes on the other side, do you think this asymmetrical design works?  Do you rescue cards that have gone pear shaped? Please tell.

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Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time and what bargains you found. Your card is just beautiful!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. your card is beautiful, so delicate

  3. love charity shops too..lovely cake and I like that card

  4. Gorgeous card Fiona. Your bargain buys look great and that meringue looks to die for!!
    Margaret x

  5. The card is perfect as it is. I love the asymmetry. It's so pretty and more interesting as the trees aren't fir trees.
    The meringue shot is making me hungry. xx

  6. Both the meringue and the card look great!

  7. I'm a fan of asymmetry too, so I say it works well. Christmas - ugh, can't think about it yet, though I know I should...
    Sounds like you had a ball with your Gatwick buddies, and you looked the business in that tartan skirt from Brum. That's a great autumn outfit, all secondhand and very stylish - I love it!
    I could just do with some of that meringue right now, it looks delicious.
    Pampas grass, eh? Well, if the parties in the log cabin get that raucous, maybe things go swingingly... Naughty girl! xxxxx

  8. great card fiona

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen x
    "Less Is More"

  9. Look at you in your Brummie skirt!

    I'm now craving meringue.....

  10. You've made me smile with your day out description and pics Fiona and your chazza shop bargains are amazing - much better than those here.
    Great card and I like the asymmetric look too and you're not alone in rescuing cards either as I do it when necessary - I just call it serendipity!
    Fliss xx

  11. Fiona, Love your card!! Saw it on MIM! Wanted to take a closer look!

  12. That Brummy skirt looks fantastic and you're posing like a pro.
    How fab is that log cabin? The perfect place for some raucous girly antics, just hope that Pampas grass doesn't attract the wrong types!
    That card is beautiful! xxx

  13. wonderful card Fiona, don't think it needs anymore done to it. Your lunch get-together sounds marvellous, and loving the party shed! x

  14. Fun post ..Exquisite card.
    Than you for sharing on Make it Monday

  15. I want a log cabin in the garden!!

  16. Your card is adorable! I love it!

  17. Sounds like you had a great time! Love your outfit - brilliant bargains! Gorgeous card too - wish I'd made it!

  18. Lovely card - I like asymmetric!

  19. Wonderfully done! love the blue sky and the sparkles!

  20. Beautiful card-Your stamping is fabulous and I love the addition of the snowflakes. Yes,I am constantly covering up my boo-boo's!An inky splodge or a misplaced something that leaves a rip-drives me nuts,but sometimes I think the card comes out better with the additional cover ups LOL!
    Hugs,Nessa xx

  21. Love your card Fiona, soon be having crisp frosty days like that. Well done on the charity shop finds too.
    Lynne xxx

  22. o, no, you said the C word!!!!
    Great posing, you're a natural!!! Love the skirt!
    Hurrah for a day out with the girls! XXX

  23. Oh dear, I've been saying the C word since January! I love your outfit (especially that tartan skirt - gorgeous!) and I think you could teach Cara a thing or two about posing! Glad you enjoyed your day out with the ladeez. Love the card too and the asymmetric look is perfect (in fact it would ruin the whole effect to add snowflakes to the other side too I think). What a beautiful stamped scene in the aperture. Good luck with the night shifts and, as my daughter would say "soothing forest noises". Vicky x

  24. I saw your card at MIM, it looks great as it is asymmetrical is best.
    I seldom throw my "mistakes or mishaps" away and they usually end being used for something elseat a later date.
    Jean x

  25. Great to see that mini-kilt in action. It's perfect for autumn. I do love a log cabin at the end of the garden and you gals look like you enjoy a laugh. But what's the pampas grass about, have I missed something? Is it like keys in the middle of the table? xx

  26. Gorgeous Christmas card, so elegant and I love the image.
    Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge
    Mandy xx

  27. A fabulous Christmas card. I love the design and colouring. Lovely ensemble and a bargain - even better.

  28. Looks like a fun day out! Beautiful card

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